December 14, 2009

Monday Morning

Here I am blogging in my pajamas.  It is just one of those Mondays.  Didn't want to get out of my nice warm bed, so I didn't until 7:00.  Which meant I had 45 minutes to get kids up and off to school.  But I did a great breakfast of french toast sticks (very easy because there is not cutting involved--great finger food, and of course from the freezer), yogurt and apples.  I literally dragged Andy out of bed and pulled his pajamas off and dressed him in the process.  Much easier that way.  Of course I was still making lunches as the kids needed to go out the door, and at about that time I found the science fair project paper that Andy needs to turn in today that wasn't filled out yet.  Scott filled out that paper,  and amazingly, teeth got brushed, backpacks found, and A and J managed to get out the door on time.  However, we did not get scripture reading done this morning, which we do pretty well about 95% of the time.  Communication between Dustin and his ride broke down so I ended up taking him to school because his ride didn't show up (which meant scraping windows--I miss my garage) and he was 10 minutes late.  But even though he woke up late (at 7:00) he managed to shower and blow dry and straighten his hair and all that.  I really did not know that boys could take so long to get ready for school!  But hey, he looks good (at least in his opinion--no so much in this mom's, though he did get a hair cut a few weeks ago).  Brennen is the last to leave for school and he is so independent and all that so smooth sailing there.  It is strange to me that my older boys go to school later than my younger kids.  In Utah my older kids left a good 45 minutes to 1/2 hour before my younger ones.

I have a load of laundry in, the dishwasher is running and Cameron is happily playing with a pirate ship and guys, or little people, or something--such an easy kid.  Can I go back to bed now? 

Referring to some past posts, I am happy to say that my laundry is caught up.  There is still some waiting to be folded and put away, but my laundry room is clean (or at least the slight organization is back) and it is under control enough that I don't feel so overwhelmed.  Now I just need to clean my room!
About Brennen's early morning basketball, I feel really bad about my attitude.  He did not make the team.  I am proud of him for getting up early everyday and trying, and not quitting even with all the running he had to do.  I was sort of thinking that maybe there wouldn't be a "cut" and everyone who showed up to practice would make it.  He is okay with it though.  He said "At least I don't have to get up so early now."  He is in a local league which we signed him up for a few months ago, so he will still get to play.  He starts practicing this week.  He can learn more and practice at the hoops across the street at the park (when it warms up), and be ready to try again next year.

In other news, it is 11 days until Christmas!  WOW!  My three-year old Cameron was very cute.  When I asked him what he wanted Santa to bring him he said "Presents".  Very easy!  I got him Little People play set thing.  So I asked him if he wanted Little People (because he loves them) and he said "I already have little people"  like, gosh Mom, don't you know?  Still so sweet and innocent.  Doesn't realize he can be "greedy" at Christmas. 

I better go get started on cleaning my room. . .cause you know Santa doesn't come if your bedroom isn't clean.

December 12, 2009

Our First Christmas Tree Cutting

I grew up with fresh cut Christmas trees.  I have great memories of Christmas tree cutting trips.  When I was younger we would go to our friends' house who lived on a farm about an hour away, and then our two families would go together.  Half the fun was just being at the farm!  The animals, the barn,sometimes a frozen pond. I can also remember going with my Grandma and Grandpa a few times, and as a teenager going with just my dad and sisters.

This year I wanted my kids to have that experience so last Saturday we bundled up, took some hot chocolate, and headed out even though the temperature outside was ice cold.  And no, it wasn't like the movies where there is a snowy forest.  It was cold, but no snow and not really a forest.  But there was lots of sagebrush.

In the car on the way, I prepared the kids that we might not find the perfect tree, but told them "with light and decorations and love it will be great."  Scott and the boys found a big tree.  I thought it was too big.  But Scott cut it down anyway and lugged it to the car.  And we tied it on top.

I still thought it was too big.  In fact I was even complaining a little and then Dustin said  "With lights and love it will be fine." 

We got it home and in the house:

I told you it was too big!

With a little off the bottom and the top, some lights and love, it is beautiful!  Our very first cut Christmas Tree!

But after the fun of decorating, it was time for bed.

A post note:  It may have been fun for the kids, but I think the one who enoyed it the most and is most proud is the biggest boy--my hubby!

December 7, 2009

Laundry, Laundry, Go Away

It isn't fair that laundry does not take a sick day, a holiday, or vacation. When your family goes on vacation, the dishes vacation too, because of course we are not in our kitchen to use them. They also take a semi-sick day because when Mom is sick, the husband usually picks up some fast food for dinner, which leaves very little dishes to clean up.

But laundry is a different story. It just never, ever goes away. It follows you on vacation and piles up on holidays and seems to triple on sick days. The week before Thanksgiving I decided to make some Christmas pillowcases to sell at a craft fair, so for two days I was sewing instead of doing laundry, so I got a little behind. However, had I known that I was going to be in bed sick the following Monday and Tuesday I would have thrown some laundry in during my sewing days. On the Wednesday before Turkey day I worked hard to catch up on everything--grocery shopping, house cleaning, and laundry. And the kids were out of school too (enough said). I was also preparing for 26 people to eat at my house the following day. Then of course, Thanksgiving and the weekend happened, and my brother and his family were in town so no laundry got done. Yet the laundry waited, almost taunting me.

I am still trying to dig through the piles--clean and dirty. The washing and drying is not that bad.  It's the folding and putting away and the matching of socks.  And when I think I am catching up, more laundry finds its way into the laundry room. Maybe we just have too many clothes. . .

December 6, 2009

You Have To Be There How Early?!?

I'm just NOT a morning person. My son is trying out for the 7th grade basketball team. Practice starts at 6:00 am. That is in the morning. When we should be sleeping or at least hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock. I am not trying to be an unsupportive mom or anything, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if he didn't like it and decided not to stick with it. The coach told us there is lots of running and the boys will be in the best shape of their lives. So maybe Brennen won't like all that running and we can go back to waking up at a normal time.

During football season, Dustin was in the marching band. He had to be at school by 7:00 for practice. That wasn't as bad as 6:00, and he went with our neighbor boy who drives. It didn't really involve me too much, but I was happy when it was over.

Now this early morning basketball. And it is cold in the mornings. Whine, whine, whine. The thing is, I am all for sports. I think playing on the basketball team will be great for him. I don't know how good he is or how competitive he is, but it will be good for him. I just don't want to get up and get him out the door so early! whine, whine, whine.

He has only tried sports a few times. He is an artist, a builder, and a musician (percussion, guitar and piano). If he doesn't succeed at basketball that's okay because he is so good at so many things, but I hope he likes it and has a good experience. And the early morning practices should only be for a few weeks until the girls are done with their season (and then the boys can have the gym after school).

I am not a morning person, but maybe having to get up to get him out the door will help me get other things done, and I can enjoy the morning quiet before the rest of the crew, the noisy ones, wakes up. And, I told my husband he gets to drive Bren to practice.

November 24, 2009

So Much To Write About . . .

Sadly I have been ignoring my blog. I have so so many blog entries in my head.

here are a few quick ones:

My 12 year old entrepreneur is at it again. He cut out some squares, sewed them together into a cube and filled it with sand--a hacky sack. (This from the top of his head, no pattern or directions--he just did it cuz he was bored one day, and I was sewing). He is selling them for $1 a school. The finished seam (the one he had to sew last after he put the sand in) isn't the prettiest, but then I don't think 7th grade boys care about pretty seams. Other things he has sold over the years include pony bead keychains and duct tape wallets. There are more but I can't think of them.

It took a few years longer than we anticipated but Andy finally broke his first window. Luckily it was in our house and not the neighbors. He threw a book at it. He "didn't know it would break." My mom is starting to get used to having Andy around. The other day when we were at her house she was on her way out. Before she left she told us "Andy is in the kitchen trying to help clean up. Go in there and supervise before he breaks something." (at that moment he was banging the salt and pepper shakers together).

Cameron is running around in a Batman cape almost 24/7. He runs around saying "Baht-mahn to a wes-kuu!!" (that would be "Batman to the rescue").

Why do teenagers need hormones so early in life? Marriage doesn't come for many more years! And as a teenager, I was just weird because I didn't 'like' boys in that way. I had lots of guy friends in high school and college. It was fun, but we were friends. I know some of them liked me in 'another way', but I just didn't fall 'in love'. I really didn't fit in with the crowd, the boys crazy girls, because my hormones were so slow. So, I am at a loss as how to deal with my girl-crazy teenager. And I know that kids are counseled not to date until age 16, and then in groups. I am not letting him date. Nonetheless, Dustin has a girl-friend and he is only 15 and she is only 14. Uhhgg! At least marching band is over so they aren't spending early morning practice and football games together. I keep telling him he needs to find some friends that are boys! It really annoys me that his facebook page says "In a relationship with Sarah!" And of course there are the occasional comments on his or her page "you guys are so cute together". Gag!! So do I have power to make him take that 'relationship' thing off his facebook page?

One last food for thought: How come kids are bored and need you when you want to read a book, watch TV, take a nap, etc, but have plenty to do when it is time for them to get ready for school or dressed for church?!?

November 21, 2009

My Princess Turns 6!

It is hard to believe it has been six years since we welcomed a girl into our family. And it hasn't been quiet seems like Janessa was born talking...(I guess that isn't very nice. After all, she takes after her mom!)

What is daunting is to think that I had a one-year old when she was born, (and a 6- and a 9-year old).
She had an ocean cake (her first thought was a princess cake of course but since we've done that a time or three, she thought of something else)
and a craft party (thus the glue and other misc. stuff on the table in the first photo).
I wanted to post some baby photos but maybe later. I'm having a hard time 'upzipping' the folder they are in and I didn't dig any out of the 'real' (as opposed to digital) box that contains photos that is somewhere in this house. (because she has yet to have a photo album, poor girl!)

November 4, 2009

Bedtime Bonus

I was putting Cameron's feet into his sleeper pajamas and he said it hurt. So I took his foot out and stuck my hand into the foot of his jammies and pulled out a folded up $20 bill! It must have been hibernating in there since last winter.

November 2, 2009

Lots of Photos

The snow melted and the cold winter weather (high of 34 on Thursday) turned back into beautiful fall weather for the weekend. To fill up the Saturday before the big Halloween festivities, Scott took the kids out to the Bisti badlands for some hiking and rock climbing. What that meant for me was almost 3 and 1/2 hours of a quiet house! Heaven!

Then it's home to get on costumes, talk to Grandma and Grandpa on Skype, trick or treat for a few minutes and head off the the church for dinner, a carnival, and trunk or treat.

A cowboy, clown, skeleton, and fairy princess (as opposed to just a fairy).

Dustin was putting on another sort of out outfit--his band uniform. The Farmington Scorpion Sound Regiment (the marching band) went the New Mexico State University Tournament of Bands on Friday and competed against other bands on Saturday. The following are some pictures earlier in the year. He is a percussion player and this year is part of the 'pit' so he doesn't march.

October 31, 2009

Halloween Cuisine

We had some witches fingers, ghosts, mummies, monster lips, and spiders for dinner last night. Thank you Family Fun magazine for your great ideas! And not pictured are witches hands made from chicken breasts that you cut the top part into 5 fingers which kind of crinkle up as it cooks. That idea came from my friend Niesha many years ago.

Monster mouths with apple wedges with almond slivers; string Cheese fingers with green peppers as fingernails; boiled egg ghosts; crackers, peanut butter, pretzels and raisin spiders; hot dogs wrapped in breadstick mummies; mac and cheese with plastic spiders. Delicious!

Scott did the witch fingers and I think he had way too much fun! He even dipped them in green colored water for more effect (his own idea). He also did the monster lips. Janessa did most of the ghosts. Brennen made the spider crackers. There are so many fun ideas for Halloween! I tried to stick mostly to "healthier" stuff since the sugar is sure to come, but we did frost Halloween cookies after dinner. We listened to Halloween music and played a few games. Party on!

October 28, 2009

It Looks Like I Am Back in Utah

We woke up to snow today. The kids were way excited. In fact Andy was dressed and ready before we had time to tell him to.

My kids don't know enough yet that when it snows here, you turn on the radio to see if there is a school delay--starting school two hours later due to road conditions so the buses can drive safely. Because there isn't lots of snow here usually. When I was growing up we probably had two or three snow delay days year. And I remember school being cancelled for a snow day maybe 5 times while I was in school. Those were fun days.
Anyway, no snow delay today but it continues to fall steadily. Maybe they will get an early release. (But personally, I hope not!)

The school year is already 1/4 of the way over! Wow. My kids get report cards this week. Last Friday I was invited to an end of term assembly at the elementary school and both of my little students received awards. Janessa receive a "Golden Pen Award" where on student from each class is chosen for authoring outstanding and creative stories, and Andy received a special recognition from his teacher for working hard to improve his handwriting. Very cool. I have to say I am a proud parent.

Andy wasn't very impressed with his award later when he learned that there was no tangible value to it. He came home and said "I don't get anything. It is just a piece of paper. Not even a coupon or anything!"

October 5, 2009


Last night Cam wanted ice cream. I said no because he didn't eat any dinner, well unless you count the jello. So I warmed up some mashed potatoes and gave them to him and said he can have ice cream after he eats his potatoes.

The other kids were done with their ice cream and I was in Janessa's room reading her a book and Scott was reading to Andy. Cameron came to me and said something about ice cream. I said "Oh. You ate your potatoes and now you are ready for ice cream?" He told me no, he didn't eat potatoes. I got to the kitchen and he proudly showed me his empty ice cream bowl, which was next to the ice cream carton on the table.

Since Mom or Dad didn't get him ice cream, he did it himself. Who wants to eat pototoes when you can have Cookies 'n Cream ice cream?

He's too little to be big.

October 1, 2009


When most people find out my husband works from home they say something like "Oh! I bet you love that!"

Yes, there are great things about having a husband working from home. He helps get the kids to school, can help with homework. He is there when the washing machine floods and is home during nap time if I want to run some errands ALONE.

However, there is at least one drawback. (is that one word or two?) Like what if I just want to stay in my pajamas all morning? And read a book? Or talk on the phone? and let Cam watch TV while I do that? Not every morning but, you know. There are those days. Being a stay-at-home mom does have some priviledges and I think one of them should be to stay in my pajamas until noon without anyone knowing.

September 26, 2009

Funny Funny Andy

I could write an entire blog about my seven-year old Andy. Things he does. Things he says. He keeps life interesting around here.

As we were driving home the other night as a family, the topic came up of what kind of car Dustin wants. Andy piped up and said Dustin wants a 'Vette. After a little conversation about 'Vettes Janessa asked what a 'vette is. So Andy explained:

"You know the people that are like doctors but take care of sick animals? And like an ambulance?"

Scott and I cracked up laughing as Dustin clarified that "vette" is short for Corvette. The picture that must have been in Andy's head of his brother driving around an animal ambulance is too funny.

Andy loves to eat. Sunday we had dinner at my Mom and Dad's with my brother and sister and their families. The kids were eating at the picnic table. Every once in a while a kid would come into the dining room table where we were eating and ask for some more of something--"more potatoes please", "more corn please", etc. Andy comes in with and empty plate holds it out and says "More." He just wanted more of everything and the way he said it so seriously had us all chuckling.

About a month ago he made himself a quesadilla--tortilla with melted cheese. He put it in the microwave, set it for 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds , turned it on and then forgot about it. I was gone. Scott smelled something burning. He turned the microwave off with about 17 minutes left. We had to get a new microwave. And just so you know, we don't usually let Andy cook.

This next story might be a "had to be there."
In family night Scott was asking everyone to think of something you would tell someone that is probably the most important thing to us. If there was only one thing we could tell someone that we might not see again, what would it be (or something to that effect). During this serious discourse, as soon as Scott said "might not see again" Andy says, (seriously--he is usually funniest when he is serious) "Goodbye."

September 24, 2009

A New Ward

The ward boundaries in our stake were changed. We are now in a different ward and go to a different building. One third to one half of our former ward, 7th, was taken and distributed into 3 different wards--1st, 2nd, or 3rd--but gained members from 2nd ward, including my parents and sister's family. We are now in 1st Ward.

1st ward was very excited for the change, especially that they received 4 young men between us and our next door neighbors. Apparently they were the smallest ward in the stake. Before school started I was a little concerned that Brennen was attending a middle school different than that of the other young men in our ward. Well the ward change put us with the deacons in his school. In fact the building we now go to is right across the street from his school.

I am okay with the change. I feel a little sad that I was only in the primary presidency as secretary for a short time, as I was barely getting to know the other ladies and the kids. But it will be only a short time I am sure before I get another calling.

September 18, 2009

Who Is This Kid Living in My House and Where Is My Son?

Today was a school holiday for the kids--Parent Teacher Conferences. My 15 year old was up before 8 o'clock this morning making him some breakfast. This is the kid who usually sleeps until noon if we let him on weekends and no-school days. He left with his friend to go bike riding. No, not video gaming, bike riding.

He is getting A+'s in most of his classes. The same kid we had to ground last year until he brought up his D's and F. Low grades because he always "forgot he had homework." He was too busy playing and hanging out with friends.

He loves seminary and reads his scriptures nightly. The other night he got on his younger brother for not wanting to go to mutual.

So I ask you, where did my Dustin go? I really love the "old" Dustin, but I am very much enjoying the "new", more mature Dustin.

I think this move has been good for him.

August 24, 2009

I'm Losing It . . .

Remember this post: "Perfectly Normal for a Mom" about how I lose things and forget things?

I recently lost my keys for a week. Had to keep using my hubby's everytime I wanted to drive anywhere.

I found them, finally! And guess where I found them? On the floor of the deep freezer.

Okay. You can quit laughing now.

Why didn't I think to look in the freezer? I knew that the last time I had them was after I went grocery shopping. Apparently I was holding them when I put something away in the freezer and, well, I don't really know.

I suppose I could blame it on one of my kids. Except we keep that freezer locked.

August 22, 2009

Choosing Sides

When we moved, I decided to switch sides of the bed with my husband. In this bedroom, if you walk in the door, turn and take a few steps, you run into into the side of the bed. In our old bedroom, you pretty much had equal access to either side as you entered the room. I decided I would take the side of the bed closer to the wall, away from the door. That way, when kids get up in the night, they would have a straight shot at Daddy and not me. However, for some reason it hasn't worked out that way. They still manage to navigate through the maze of boxes in the dark and arrive at my side of the bed in the wee hours of the morning. Not fair that kids seem to have a "Mom radar". You know, the one that never lets us go to the bathroom without someone finding us and pounding on the door, or talking to us underneath it.

I do have to say, much to my delight, my kids don't wake up nearly as much as they used to. Hooray! I am getting more uniterrupted sleep than I have for years. In fact, Andy finally started sleeping through the night every night about 3 or 4 months ago. Even though he is 7, he would still wake up and come into our room 4 or 5 nights a week.

Some food for thought: Did you know that most couples sleep with the man on the "driver's side" of the bed? If you were to sit up in bed, and think like you were in a car, the man is usually on the driver's side and the woman on the passenger side. How is it at your house? Do you and your spouse fit the norm? I am now on the driver's side, after having been on the passenger side for years .

August 21, 2009

Growing Pains

Cameron lost his binkie yesterday. Really. We can't find it and we were down to one. We lost the second to last one on our vacation earlier this month. He is having a hard time. He was up several times last night and cranky today. Scott finally got him to take a nap today. And he has been happier this afternoon but it is almost bedtime again. I hope he sleeps better tonight, so I can sleep better.

I know. It is past time for him to be done with a pacifier, but it makes life so much easier for me. He only has it when he sleeps and he goes to bed so well. And naps so well. Just give him his binkie, cover him with his blankie and he is ready to sleep. He has been one of my best sleepers. Even when he went from a crib to a bed, I had no problem with him getting out of bed. And it's not like he has it any other time than for sleeping. Okay. Occasionally when he is watching a movie or in the car on a long trip. Yes, I am having a hard time giving up the binkie.


My little independent, fiesty Janessa is having a hard time going to school. She loved the first two days but since then has had many tears. This has really surprised me. Her teacher said she has a hard time in the morning wanting her mom but as the day goes on she gets happier and is fine. Going to school all day wears her out I am sure, and it will take her time to adjust.

Ah, the joys of growing up.

August 14, 2009

First Day of School--Sort of

Today, Friday the 14th, was the first day for Kindergarten students and all new students in the secondary schools. Everyone else starts on Monday. Janessa and Brennen went to school.

Dustin finally was able to register this morning (see previous post) but we are still waiting for transcripts from Box Elder. The registrar there has been on vacation. What does she think, that it is summer or something? (kidding). Next time I move (which will hopefully be never) I will know what to do--don't leave town without unofficial transcripts and don't let anyone tell you that they cannot give them to you, because they can! It is frustrating that so many things in life we have to learn by experience. Too bad I didn't talk to everyone I knew that moved with high school students and listen to their stories. Then I wouldn't have had to learn by experience.

Happy news--Cameron has health insurance! He was on state insurance in Utah because of his port wine stain so we had to apply to New Mexico to get him some insurance. And it wasn't a big headache and we didn't have to jump through hoops or provide mounds of paperwork--just a small pile. Hooray, hooray! He is now on Medicaid here, which we didn't qualify for in Utah. I not saying that I am overjoyed to have government assistance, but when that is your only choice. . .

Just think, next week I will have 4 children in school all day long. Then I can catch up on my blogging .

Until next week . . .

August 11, 2009

Aren't You Just Supposed to Buy New Clothes and Some School Supplies?

The last week of summer vacation. Wow. And what a summer it has been. New house in a in a new state. And the kids are starting school 2 weeks earlier than they would have if we hadn't moved. They all seem excited though. Especially Janessa and Brennen.

We just got back from a week in Utah and Idaho, and hitting the shores of Bear Lake. Plenty of family time on both sides. Family relationships are wonderful, yet complicated. Had a great time but am happy to be home. And yes, it does feel like home. It was great to visit Brigham City again and see familiar faces.

Registering my kids for school has turned out to be a bit tricky. First of all, the secretaries and adminitration were gone during the month of July, so we couldn't register until August 3. But we went on vacation until the 9th.

Yesterday we tried unsucessfully to register Dustin but the school wants his transcripts from Box Elder first. When I called Box Elder High a few weeks ago, I was told that they cannot mail me transcripts. The school has to request them. I assumed we could register Dustin and then Farmington would request the transcripts. But, no, they have to get the transcipts before they will allow him to register. I was told that when I withdraw a student from school, I usually get an unofficial transcript. I never withdrew my kids from school. I attempted before we left to get school records. But the first person I talked to Dusitn's middle school told me that to register at a new school I just need birth certificates and immunization cards and the new school will send for records. She was wrong, darn it. Hopefully we will be able to register him by Wednesday.

Because I neglected to get Janessa into the doctor for her kindergarten check-up and immunizations before we moved, I tried to get an appointment here. But I couldn't find a doctor on our insurance to do it. The only office I could find that took our insurance said the pediatrician was on vacation until the 19th (school starts the 17). "Can't another doctor do it, like a family doctor?" I ask. No. Apparently family doctors in Farmington don't see children. Aren't children part of a family? whatever. So I finally called our clinic in Utah and she got her shots while on vacation.

The elementary school is being rebuilt/remodeled. My kids get a brand new school. But I can't register them until Wednesday because the teachers and administration are moving into the new buildings. And with the construction zone it was even hard for me to get that much information.

Brennen and I went to the middle school yesterday to register him. He is choosing to go to a school whose boundaries we are not in. We are about two blocks away from the boundary and all the other deacons in our ward go to that school. (And so did I!) We got a waiver and were assured that Tibbetts would love to have us, etc etc. We went and were denied. Because apparently that school is full. Which is fine. Then we drove over to the other school and were actually successful! Hooray! I have one student registered for school!

Cameron's special-ed preschool for speech is also working on getting his records so they don't have to do all the evaluations again. I am not worrying about this until after the others are taken care of. Some time next week I will call them again.

Whew! Who knew sending your kids could be such a chore!

On the bright side of things, you don't have to pay fees to register your kids for school like in Utah. Aside from some $10 class fees for art and science for example, that's all. No book fees, no sports fees, or whatever other fees we pay in Utah that add up to about $100 in August.

July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Cameron

Three years old today! The video didn't really capture his cute smile. He was smiling yet trying not to smile when we sang his name. He was excited--so cute!

Cameron is such a fun little guy. I can't believe he is 3! We are so lucky and happy to have him in our family.

July 17, 2009

The Neighborhood Now Knows We Are Here

We set up the trampoline and the pool tonight. And as you know, kids can't play in water or jump on the trampoline without screaming laughter and yelling. Especially my kids. I think I have the loudest kids. So now I am sure that the neighborhood is well aware that this house, which has been empty for 6 or 7 months, is now occupied. (Some probably observed the kid toys in the front yard, but for the rest of them, Here We Are!...)

A few pictures.

They did not bother to get their swim suits on.

We don't have grass back there, but lots of cement! We have grass in the front. I feel bad that I don't seem to take pictures of my older boys much. I should have gotten some pictures of Brennen and Scott setting up the tramp. Then I could have posted it with the one when Brennen was helping Scott set up the trampoline when we first got it when he was 4 years old. So cute. He has always like to put things together.

We don't have the net on yet, so they can only jump one at a time right now. If you know Andy, then you understand.

I suppose I will tell you why I LOVE the trampoline. I realize that trampolines are not the safest toy around, but we have been lucky. (knock on wood). My oldest son Dustin is a video game junkie, and TV and computer. Not so much now, but when he was younger, he could sit on the couch all day and watch TV or play Ninetendo. So for him, the trampoline was wonderful! It got him outside. A few weeks ago his friend Ricky was over and they were jumping on the tramp. They have been friends since they were 7. (They are now 15). I was watching out the kitchen window remembering those cute little boys and thinking how it was just like old times. Then I looked again and they were jumping, yes, but both staring at their cell phones. Okay. Not quite the same.

Anyway, my next son did not watch TV or play video games much when he was younger. He was a mover, liked real action. The trampoline was great for him because he liked and needed physical activity.

Andy is always on the go and doesn't slow down. I prefer him jumping on the trampoline to jumping on the furniture. He has so much energy the trampoline helps take some of it from him. Last year on the first day of school he was so excited and ready early and his brothers already left, and when can he go, etc. I finally sent him outside to jump on the tramp.

My last two kids love it also. I don't know what I would do without the trampoline.

One game that has been passed down from Dustin and his friends is that the kids gather as many balls as they can and put them on the trampoline and jump with them. If you get hit by a ball three times, you are out.

The favorite thing, of course, is to turn on the sprinkler under it. I don't know how much money I may have saved over the summers without wet and wild trampoline fun, but it has made me a happier mommy for sure! And you can't put a price on sanity.

July 15, 2009

At Least We Are Not Going Hungry

One thing the Mormons do well is food. We have been fed by the members of the ward for three nights in a row now. The first two nights at members' houses, and tonight three families brought dinner over to us. (Three families provided one dinner together--not three dinners). So even though we have not been to a Sunday meeting, we have met five families. We have had a great welcome.

And Cameron is doing great, by the way. Once there were people and things in the house, he was fine. He loves to show everyone his bedroom. And today we even found his box with his Little People toys, which are his favorites.

July 9, 2009

Day One in New Mexico

I just want all my Utah friends and family to know that I finally cried. I am not totally emotionless (is that a word?) Sometimes--or mostly--I just have a hard time getting those emotions out. They really like to hide. But after packing and cleaning and packing and laundry, saying goodbye to friends and family, two nights of not sleeping well, and spending a day driving, the emotions finally spilled over this morning. I had a good cry and later a little nap and then I felt better.

I still can't sleep. I am sleeping at my Mom's until probably Saturday night when my husband and the rest of the family come. The three little kids and I came yesterday, Wednesday. I came earlier to get the "office" set up, specifically the internet and up and going. You know, wait around until the Qwest guy comes to hook it up. And make sure it works. My dad came and brought a trailer that we loaded up and then we drove back sort of together. Scott will bring the a moving truck Saturday with the rest of our stuff and our beds. Which brings me back to sleeping. Even though I was dead tired last night I could not sleep. Then same thing tonight. So I am blogging on my Mom's computer hoping to tire myself out. And maybe clear some thoughts out of my head.

Because I am still at my Mom and Dad's house I don't think the whole "I moved to a different city, state, ward" thing has quite sunk in yet. It is like I am visiting. I did start to feel a little more real tonight when we unloaded the trailer and I am seeing my furniture in the house.

Cameron does not like the new house. We are renting a house from my brother. It is a great size and location but needs some work. When I came in April to paint, Cameron did not like to be there. He cried. My sister-in-law and sister took turns tending him at their houses while I painted. I am guessing he doesn't like it is because it is an empty echo-y house (wood floors). I don't really know. He is just my sensitive little guy. Well this morning when we drove over to the house he didn't even want to get out of the van! He did not want me to undo his buckle. He apparently remembered from 3 months ago. When we went inside he was okay unless he couldn't see me. Then he started crying and wouldn't stop even when I was holding him. That's when I started crying. We went outside. My nephew played with him and I went back inside to continue crying. We didn't stay that long. But now there is some furniture in it so maybe he will like it better. And maybe when Daddy is in it too.

July 6, 2009

Pack up the Laundry Soap

I am done doing laundry. I mean in this house. Whatever is dirty today, stays dirty until maybe next week. Because I have other things to do! Maybe some people would not be okay taking dirty laundry to their new home, but it's fine with me. I guess this means Cameron is wearing pull-ups for the next few days . . . (he is not quite accident free yet. I mean to get on that after we move. He does pretty good, but . . .).

It shouldn't have been so bad because I kept up really well last week. Then on Saturday afternoon Brennen and Scott came home from scout camp. So there was a week's worth of really dirty laundry to get done--for two people, including jackets.

I just thought about the bedding. . .Well, hopefully I can find a box with clean sheets in it after we get there.

July 5, 2009

Saying Goodbye...

Is just not easy.

I don't know what to say, or how to say it if I did know what to say. But I did it a lot tonight--at a 'hug party', as Andy called it--somehow. Trying to say goodbye to friends in the ward who have touched my life in so many different ways. Saying goodbye but not really expressing or exposing much of how I feel. Because it is hard. And I don't know what to say.

The past 8 years has brought a lot of change into my life. Mainly, I added three kids to my family. We became a 'big' family, and are no longer a "young family". We have moved into a "middle aged" family. When we first moved into the ward, there were very few junior primary kids and so our kids were welcomed heartily. When Andy came along he was the only baby at the time and the ward adopted him right along with us. The ward was here with me and was excited for each new addition, and there to support me during challenging times that come with motherhood. Basically this ward has seen my family grow up. Dustin was only 7 when we moved here and now he is taller than me and starting high school. My baby was 4 and a sunbeam. Now he is passing the sacrament, and has been replaced (as mentioned above) with other "babies." The ward has loved my kids and my kids loved them back.

I suppose I am babbling. Because I can. And I want to.

Yes, I am happy and looking so forward to sharing life with my family in New Mexico, but this ward family is so hard to leave. My next ward has big shoes to fill.

June 27, 2009

Two Weeks and Counting

Moving Day is in two weeks! July 11th. It is really happening. There are so many mixed emotions that come with this:
Overwhelmed (if that's an emotion).
Guilt--because I am the one that wanted to move so I got the ball rolling and now I am uprooting my 5 children and husband.

Mostly I feel excited. I am looking forward to being with my parents and sharing my children with them. Excited to be part of my siblings' day to day lives and their families. Excited to be going "home" again, though I know you really never can go home again. It has been 20 years since I left home. Wow.

But right now I feel overwhelmed. So much to do! It would be one thing if I could pack and get things ready to move if that is the only thing to do, but I still have to be a MOM too. That is where it gets tricky. Going to baseball games, getting kids to practice, guitar lessons, speech class, remembering to get summer reading done (kids--my reading would be heaven!), referring arguments, tending sick kids (two this past week), laundry, cooking, cleaning, getting kids to do their jobs, etc. etc.

Moving would be a lot easier if I could take time off from being a mom!

Lots to do, so what am I doing on the computer!!!

June 26, 2009

That Old Camper

We have a wonderful new toy at our house. It is great because it means my house has been staying cleaner and the little kids are entertaining themselves and not fighting quite as much.

What is this miracle toy?

A very old tent camper trailer. It is amazing.

I set it up last weekend while I was home with Andy while the rest of the family went camping in a tent. I was trying to make it better for him since he didn't get to go because he was sick. (I think I get extra "mommy points" for that). Since then, it has been a great playhouse. We set up the small TV and VCR in there and if they aren't watching movies they are having dates or parties or whatever else they do. Yes, they are eating otterpops and other snacks in there and so the trailer is getting sticky. And the toys are starting to pile up in there, as well as blankets and pillows, but I don't care.

They are happy. They are safe. They are not bothering me. (not that my darling children are ever a bother. . . )


June 18, 2009

Almost Peace and Quiet

Three days. Two nights. In my house ALONE. Sounds too good to be true.

And it was. While my family was planning to go camping in Bryce Canyon with Grandma and Grandpa and some cousins, I planned to stay home--alone. Because someone has to work our business. I love camping with my family, but the alternative of staying home with the house to myself (and hopefully not having to really do too much work) almost sounded like heaven. So I agreed to send my husband camping with the children--all of them. Wow. I was impressed that he wanted to take all of them, not just the older ones. I was counting the hours until Thursday morning.

But Wednesday morning, Andy started throwing up. He seemed fine in the afternoon so I still had hope. And I had the hand sanitizer out for everyone else and made sure we were all putting it on a lot. Then shortly after Andy went to bed, he was up back in the bathroom leaning over the toilet. And again at 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

He had to stay home with me. He wasn't too happy about it as you can imagine. And it made it stressful as I tried to help Scott get packed up to leave, Andy hanging on me crying and wanting lots of hugs and sympathy because he didn't get to go. And me not having patience for that.

And I wasn't too happy about it either. It was my three days for napping and sewing and reading and packing up some boxes without interruption. And sleeping at night without kids wondering into my bedroom or crying for a lost binky.

Well instead of doing any of the above, I worked on the computer completing 3 filings, or jobs, while trying to be a nice mom to a sad little boy who didn't feel well (which wasn't easy); made some brownies (only half a pan since most everyone else isn't here to help me eat them); took Andy to see Night at the Museum 2 (because he was feeling better); set up the tent trailer with him and ate dinner in it (a late dinner on account of the movie) and read books until we came in for bed. And then, I got to read! And blog.

Not the day I had planned but it turned out pretty well anyway. And hopefully I made some good memories for Andy even though he couldn't go camping. And will make some more in the next two days.

I admit it will be more comforting to not have to sleep in the house alone. Andy will keep me good company in my room--and, since he is starting out there, he won't be waking me up in the night!
(if you are wondering why Scott didn't take the tent trailer it's because it's old and the electrical doesn't work--like brake lights and taillights--and who knows how good the tires are. And he just didn't want to drive it all the way to Bryce).

I am hoping and praying that none of the other kids get sick while they are away. I told Scott about my concern with others getting sick but he didn't seem too worried.

June 15, 2009

Cameron's Port Wine Stain

I have mentioned before that my beautiful soon to be three-year old, with gorgeous eyes and long lashes, has a fairly large birthmark on his face. A port wine stain.

I don't know a whole lot about port wine stains (PWS) except for the info that dermatologists give us. Which really isn't much. His face is asymmetric, the side with the birthmark chubbier. This is common we are told. The MRI done when he was one concluded that it is superficial only--not deep into the tissue. Of course what tissue, I don't know, because obviously it is in the skin tissue, or does skin not have tissue? Anyway, there are no lesions on his brain either, which is good because facial PWS are often associated with Sturge-Weber syndrome. I don't know much about that either except that the PWS somehow involves the brain and can causes seizures.

He has a speech delay also. This is not associated with the PWS. Cameron looks like and has so many of the same characteristics as my 12 year-old Brennen, and Brennen was a late talker too. Thank goodness, though, Cameron is more laid back so his speech delay has been much easier to handle! The past six months with speech classes we have been focusing on getting him to use words. To "get" words, as they say. His comprehension score was way high, but expressive speech way low. He can understand but not speak. I still don't understand how he cannot "have" a word which he understands. Anyway, now he speaks sentences and such. We just don't understand much of what he is speaking. Now the focus is on articulation--pronouncing the sounds correctly.

Since we have started articulation, the speech therapist has noticed his tongue is asymmetrical (due to the PWS), which is part of the reason he is having a hard time making the right sounds. Also, he tends to hold his jaw to the right, which makes him look like his jaw is misaligned. But the doctor said his jaw is fine, it's just the muscles. And he doesn't open his mouth very much while talking. Having said all that, we are working on strengthening and making him more aware of those muscles on the left side of his face and tongue--oral motor exercises. We do fun things like drink out of curly straws, lick pudding off our plates, and chew licorice to exercise those muscles.

Because some of the articulation issues are from the PWS, I did a lot of research on the internet lately about PWS. I was so excited to find a website called It has other people's stories about their PWS (and other types of birthmarks) and an online support group. I don't know anyone personally with child with a port wine stain so this is great! And as we are planning to do laser surgery beginning when he is four years old, it is nice to be able to read and learn more about it through others' experiences. And also learn about what to expect as he grows older.

What my research made me most aware of however, is that we, or rather Cameron is truly blessed with the birthmark that he has. It is not around the eye, which can cause optical problems, it does not involve the deep tissues which can swell up and cause deformity, and he does not have Sturge-Weber Syndrome. And I also discovered that there are so many children born with other types of facial deformities that I didn't know existed. They have so many more challenges than Cameron will ever face. I know that it takes special spirits to deal with birth defects and these people have a special place in heaven. I have been humbled and grateful for the small challenge given to my son and me, instead of what could have been.

June 13, 2009

Rainy Garage Sale

We had a garage sale. A true garage sale because it really was in our garage. It was raining off and on all morning. But the people kept coming. They started at 7:30 and came steadily until about 11:00 and a few more after that. I had no idea so many people would come.

My boys made some money. And the girls in the neighborhood who joined us made some money. I really did not make that much money, but did get rid of some toys and other misc stuff including a toilet seat. It was a pretty fun family project actually. I did have to send Andy to a friend's house (thanks so much Tori!) Friday afternoon while I was getting things ready because he was so 'wild'--too much activity and stuff I guess--and I had to steer Janessa away from talking customers' ear off, and Cameron cried when someone bought a book he liked (it was from the girls' stuff) but other than that it went okay. Dustin and Scott were around and mostly helped with 'kid' control (my kids).

The drama came Friday afternoon while I was preparing the garage for the sale. Our realtor called around 3:00 and wanted to show our house that evening at 6:30.

"I know you are having a yard sale and they understand. No big deal." she said.

"Yeah, but that means I have to get ready for the yard sale AND clean my house!" I protested. She assured me that they would understand. It would be fine.

Scott was gone. I was sort of panicked. I had been doing yard sale stuff a lot of the week and it's summer vacation so kids are home. That doesn't make for a tidy house. Don't get me wrong. I was VERY HAPPY that someone is wanting to look at our house. This is only the third showing in 3 months. Yet, the timing couldn't be worse. But my big boys helped and we ran around like maniacs. Scott came home and pitched in. And I somehow managed to feed everyone dinner too. When Scott and I left at 6:00 for volunteering at the Tabernacle (another story), then Dustin finished up the kitchen and sweeping. We pulled it off, garage sale and all. (We actually put a lot of stuff into the garage that wasn't going to be in the sale!) And since the house was still clean in the morning, except maybe some unmade beds, we showed it to an interested party during the garage sale too! Two showings in two days!

Did I mention I am tired?

June 8, 2009

Mormon Ad

Here is something fun for you to watch.
(I tried to embedd it here but couldn't figure it out! One of these days I will be a pro. For now click HERE.)

I really like this because I have a 'princess' and many knights and a great husband who knows how to play with his boys.

June 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Brennnen

12 years old today!

I still have not forgiven him for being 8 days over due! He was suppose to be a May baby. I joke that he has had a mind of his own since before birth: "Nobody can tell me when to be born."

He is a great young man with lots of drive and determination and creativity.

Happy Birthday Brennen!

June 3, 2009

Last Day of School

Another school year over. Wow. No longer do I have a first grader, a sixth grader and a freshman. They are all older and smarter.
I had a good laugh at Brennen's signed year book. One entry said "I hope you don't get swine flu when you move to New Mexico."

Hard to believe that next school year I will only have one child home with me. I still remember well the days of three children home with me . . . and I did survive it.

House for Sale

I know of a GREAT house for sale in Brigham City. It is in a fabulous location--a quiet street just 3 houses down from a park. Great backyard with sand box, playhouse, and swingset, as well as a garden area, 2 peach trees, an apricot tree, apple tree, grapes, raspberries and a few strawberries. Six bedrooms, three bathrooms and THREE living areas--a living room and family room upstairs and a big family room downstairs.

Check out this link and call today for a showing!

June 1, 2009

Letting Go

I am mourning the loss of my therapist (or counselor--I never quite know what to call her). Not that she's gone, but I really am not going to see her again. Really. I have said that so many times before. But this time it is real. She isn't working this summer, and I am moving. I know she is due to have twins in July. I am very excited for her. I figured she would probably stop working in sometime in May, so last week when I called to make an appointment, I really wasn't surprised to learn that she wasn't working again until fall. But it was a hard fact to digest. I actually felt like crying. Because I really have to let go this time. Not like all the times before when I told myself that "this is the last appointment" and then went back.

I have only seen her four times in the last year, I think two months ago was the last time. I don't really need counseling anymore, but every once in a while I just want to talk to her. Talk things over. Sometimes about specific challenges and how to handle them, but sometimes just to "check in." It seems strange that I will never see her again. This person who helped me so much and showed me how to pull myself out of the hole of depression I was in. Who gave me encouragement and cheered me on as I progressed. Who helped me discover myself again. Who helped me learn to face my feelings instead of burying them. The person I finally opened up to and told thoughts and feelings to that no one else knew I had--sometimes that I didn't know I had. I learned so much from her--like about my thought patterns and how to change them, how to develop coping skills, how to be my own best friend, how to communicate better with my husband and others, how to be less passive, how to take care of myself and get my own needs met so I can take care of everyone else (this had to be pounded into my head over and over). It is just so hard to let go.

I called for an appointment last week because I just feel that lately I have been in a rut. I don't know if I need to adjust my medication or adjust me. I never know if the depression is getting me or if it's just me. I am not doing the things that I know I need to do to feel better. Simple things that just don't get done. The apathy that goes hand in hand with depression.

I need to use all that I learned in counseling and pull myself out of the rut -- put a book on my ipod; start journaling again; finish my quilt I started; open my scriptures; have fun with my kids while they are home this summer; exercise so I can keep up with my sister whom I challenged to run a 5K with me; do my work and take time to play. See, not so hard, really.

May 29, 2009

Dustin turns 15!

I can't believe my oldest 'baby' is 15 years old. Aside from acting like a teenager now and then, he is a great kid. Happy Birthday, Dustin.

May 28, 2009

An Unusual Phone Call from School

On Wednesday afternoon Andy called me from school.

"Mom?" Then there was sobbing. "I have something stuck in my ear."

When I got to school his teacher said she couldn't see anything but he said it hurt so she let him call me. He wouldn't let me touch his ear because it hurt so I couldn't really look, but he finally told me, after some coaxing, that he put a rock in his ear.  (Actually first he said "It could be a rock").

So we went to the doctor's office. After trying two different kinds of tweezers and two different size probes, the doctor finally decided to irrigate to see if the water would swish it out. He said if that didn't work then he would have to send us to an ear/nose/throat doctor. Luckily the water worked and out came the rock.

Andy kept the rock for a souvenior, or as Grandma Kathy said, a "souv-in-ear". As far as we know there are no other rocks in his head, though sometimes we wonder. (just kidding)

May 27, 2009

Tips for the Toothfairy

You would think by the third child and a dozen or so lost teeth, I would be an expert Toothfairy. Yet here are a few more lessons I learned from my latest experience.

When your kid comes home from school very excited because he lost his tooth, make sure to get the tooth from him and put it in a safe place so that at bedtime you don't have to look for the tooth. You don't want your child to be distraught because he can't find his tooth to put under the pillow for the Toothfairy. And it makes bedtime much harder when you are searching for a tooth. (fyi we found it on the back porch).

It is probably a good idea to also put the tooth in an envelope or ziplock bag before the child puts it under his pillow. That way it will be easier for the Toothfairy to find. Not only that, but when the child wakes up at 4:00 a.m. and discovers that not only has the Toothfairy not come but his tooth is missing, it will be easier you to find when you are half asleep looking under and around beds for a teeny tiny tooth.

Yet an even better idea is to make sure the Toothfairy comes before 4:00 a.m. thus avoiding the need for an early morning tooth search.

May 26, 2009

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Our upstairs TV quit working a few months ago. We turned it off one day and it never came back on. Of course we have a downstairs TV. It is in the downstairs family room. It’s funny though, that even though we still have access to TV, because it is not in our faces, we don’t watch it much. Before I was always having to tell the kids to turn off the TV, and now I find myself sending them downstairs to watch TV when they are getting too wild or loud (I can send them outside now, too). It is like they forgot that they can watch TV. Out of sight, out of mind. I no longer hear the annoying voices of Sponge Bob or Fairly Odd Parents, or the dialog of Dora or Wonder Pets, or listen to Drake and Josh antics. Nice.

We have a kitchen/dining room/family room combo upstairs. I love it. That is where the TV was until we took it away. The kids would just come home from school and turn on the TV. Just because it was there. Get a snack, turn on the TV. After breakfast, or before, Cameron always wanted the TV on. I had to make a rule that he had to be dressed and he had to wait until Andy went to school before the TV got turned on. Now he doesn’t even ask to watch TV. Which is nice because I can use TV as a babysitter when I need a few minutes (okay--an hour?) to myself and not feel too guilty about it because he doesn’t watch it that often.

I used to have the TV on while I was in the kitchen, doing something at the table, or even on the computer. Really for no reason. But now that I actually have to be just sitting and watching TV instead of multitasking—I rarely watch TV either.

I am actually thinking that maybe we don’t need programmed television at all. Just the occasional video or DVD.

May 21, 2009


I have been thinking lots lately about volleyball coaching. And praying. I did get an interview for the job I applied for at Farmington High School, but they were suppose to get back to me to set a date and they didn't. As I mentioned earlier, chances are pretty good I could find a coaching job in or around Farmington for the fall. I know I would enjoy it, but I decided not this year. One reason I am moving to Farmington is to be with my family--my parents and siblings and their families. Instead of spending time in a gym, I want to spend time with my family.

And my number one reason is because my immediate family still needs me at home as much as possible. They will grow up soon enough (though some days it doesn't seem like it...) and I have plenty of time to coach. It will be enough change for everyone to be in a new city and in new schools without adding me going to work too. I want to be there when they come home from school.

Also, my body isn't getting any younger so I better play as much rec ball as I can before it gives out. As long as I am coaching games, I won't have time to play in them.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Now is my time to enjoy living by my parents and sharing my kids with them. Time to be there as my oldest son navigates the waters of high school, and learns to drive (ahhh!). Time to have fun through the tween years with my almost 12 year old. Time to foster Andy's enthusiasm and zest for life--or at least try to keep up with him. Time to share in Janessa's excitement as she starts her formal education and learns to read. Time to enjoy the last two years of having a child by my side everyday and seeing his joy as he discovers more and more about his world.

There will be plenty of time and volleyball seasons to be in the gym.

May 20, 2009

Called to Serve in the Domincan Republic

If you go to my in-law's house you will find little white pieces of paper taped to nearly every object, labeling it with it's Spanish name. And a few weeks ago Scott's parents began reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. All this is in preparation for a mission in the Dominican Republic. They will leave the beginning of October to serve for 18 months representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. Their call is to do records preservation; however, they don't yet know what that entails.

They are excited to serve, but a little nervous, especially about the language. My father-in-law served a Spanish speaking mission as a young elder, but my mother-in-law does not speak any Spanish. They both know if the pray hard and work hard it will all go well. In the words of my mother-in-law "I know if I do my part, God will do his part. He never leaves us alone."

They will do a great job and I know they will love the people where ever they serve--in this case the Dominican Republic.

May 14, 2009

Hair Woes

My oldest son doesn't like my curly hair--at least on him. He bought a straightening iron a few weeks ago. I guess he doesn't realize that if he would cut his hair shorter it wouldn't curl. Brennen complained Sunday that he had to wait 10 minutes for Dustin to do his hair before he could take a shower. Brennen should be happy he only has one sister!

I have heard and read about moms who really enjoy time with their girls in the bathroom doing their hair. They get 5 or 10 minutes of one on one time where they can talk and share. Morning time in the bathroom doing hair with my girl is far from that. She is most always crying/screaming and getting mad because it pulls. Either she has a tender head or is just a complainer. However, I do think that her curls make it harder to comb through. Once we get it combed through then she is very particular of how she wants it done, and has been since she got enough hair to do. I rarely get to choose and when I do it is usually with an argument "why do you always get to choose?" And there are the days when she wants to do it herself and I don't fight it (pick your battles) and just hope that the public knows that I did not put those clippies in her hair like that.

I suppose I envy those moms who enjoy time with their daughters in the bathroom. There have been a few times where it has been fun, but mostly it is a morning chore I do not look forward to.

May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

It is a few days past the fact, but here is a picture of my gifts and cards from my kids and hubby. There are flowers (to plant) that didn't get into the picture. (notice the Reeses and the bubble bath--my family knows me well!)

We celebrated with Scott's family at his parents' house on Sunday.

I told Scott and the kids I wanted a picnic in the canyon for my Mother's Day treat, so that's what we did on Monday night. I had a great time and really enjoyed my kids. The little ones found the water and mud (Andy was in it up to his knees) and the big boys played on rope swing there. I wanted pictures, but the battery was out in my camera.

I was later thinking that it's interesting how I thouroughly enjoyed my kids and being a mom while at the campground, but at home I get tired of the 'mom thing' (sometimes). I suppose I could use an attitude change, or try to make life at home more fun?

May 6, 2009

I May Be Dusting Off My Whistle

So I found out that the high school I graduated from is looking for a head volleyball coach. And as I have been mentioning, I am moving back to my home town. My fourth child starts kindergarten this fall (all day), which leaves me with only one child at home. And he is a very easy going, happy, low maintenance type of child if you know what I mean. My husband works at home and is pretty much free by the time school is out. Can you see where this is leading?

I applied for the job. To be a varsity volleyball coach. The head coach. Me. I would be in charge. Of a high school program.

My husband was actually excited and encouraged me to. I was just mentioning the fact to him and he is telling me to go for it and that it would be great.

I don't know what to think really. I loved coaching. But that was years ago in college and when Dustin was a baby. I remember joking that I traded my gym bag for a diaper bag. I would take the play pen and he would play happily in during practice. But now I have been a mom dealing with diapers, ouchies, homework, piano lessons, cub scouts, orthodontist appointments and all the rest for the past 14+ years. I don't know anything about teenage girls anymore.

I want to coach. I have always wanted to coach again. I intend to win a state championship. In my next phase of life. I guess I just don't know if that phase is here yet. Can I handle a team and a family. And can my hubby handle the situation well too, and my kids? With the move I know there are many coaching opportunities because there are two high schools and four middle schools plus three surrounding towns with high schools and middle schools. (As opposed to the small town I now live in that has only one high school and does not have middle school sports). I had planned on going for a coaching position, but I was thinking like 7th or 8th grade girls and in a year or two.

Not that I need to worry about anything yet because all I did was apply. The opportunity presented itself and I acted on it. Who knows. I may be the next head volleyball coach of Farmington High School.

April 29, 2009

Nap Time

I took this picture a few days ago while visiting my parents. I just love it. Cameron really buddied up to my dad while I was there. He was feeling sad one afternoon so Grandpa rocked him. And look, Cameron even fell asleep without his binkie!

I am so excited to move close to my parents and have them be part of my childrens' lives, and vice versa.

The Sandhill

When my oldest boys were small we started a tradition of stopping at The Sandhill on our trips from Utah to New Mexico to visit my parents. There isn't an official name, I'm sure, but that's just what we call it. Our boys couldn't wait and would ask not how far to Grandma and Grandpa's, but first, how much longer til the sandhill. This big hill of sand is about a mile out of Moab and just past (or before depending on which way you are coming) the entrance to Arches National Park on the opposite side of the highway.

The perspective of this picture doesn't really show how steep it is. (so I'm not a professional...but hopefully you can tell where the incline starts)

The boys and Scott usually climb all the way to the top at least twice before we leave. I think I have only been to the top once or twice. At first because it was too dusty for my contacts and then later because I was usually at the bottom with the littler kids or babies. Anyway, they climb to the top and then run and jump down. Great fun. Also it feels so nice on your barefeet and fun to run your hands in. And quite fascinating to get a dirt clod and rub it until there is a hole in the middle seeing how big the hole gets before it breaks. It is a place not to be missed if you are visiting in the area.

Here are the pictures I took on my trip with the little ones. We climbed to the rock about 1/3 of the way up.

going up . . .
and coming down...