August 21, 2009

Growing Pains

Cameron lost his binkie yesterday. Really. We can't find it and we were down to one. We lost the second to last one on our vacation earlier this month. He is having a hard time. He was up several times last night and cranky today. Scott finally got him to take a nap today. And he has been happier this afternoon but it is almost bedtime again. I hope he sleeps better tonight, so I can sleep better.

I know. It is past time for him to be done with a pacifier, but it makes life so much easier for me. He only has it when he sleeps and he goes to bed so well. And naps so well. Just give him his binkie, cover him with his blankie and he is ready to sleep. He has been one of my best sleepers. Even when he went from a crib to a bed, I had no problem with him getting out of bed. And it's not like he has it any other time than for sleeping. Okay. Occasionally when he is watching a movie or in the car on a long trip. Yes, I am having a hard time giving up the binkie.


My little independent, fiesty Janessa is having a hard time going to school. She loved the first two days but since then has had many tears. This has really surprised me. Her teacher said she has a hard time in the morning wanting her mom but as the day goes on she gets happier and is fine. Going to school all day wears her out I am sure, and it will take her time to adjust.

Ah, the joys of growing up.

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