May 29, 2009

Dustin turns 15!

I can't believe my oldest 'baby' is 15 years old. Aside from acting like a teenager now and then, he is a great kid. Happy Birthday, Dustin.

May 28, 2009

An Unusual Phone Call from School

On Wednesday afternoon Andy called me from school.

"Mom?" Then there was sobbing. "I have something stuck in my ear."

When I got to school his teacher said she couldn't see anything but he said it hurt so she let him call me. He wouldn't let me touch his ear because it hurt so I couldn't really look, but he finally told me, after some coaxing, that he put a rock in his ear.  (Actually first he said "It could be a rock").

So we went to the doctor's office. After trying two different kinds of tweezers and two different size probes, the doctor finally decided to irrigate to see if the water would swish it out. He said if that didn't work then he would have to send us to an ear/nose/throat doctor. Luckily the water worked and out came the rock.

Andy kept the rock for a souvenior, or as Grandma Kathy said, a "souv-in-ear". As far as we know there are no other rocks in his head, though sometimes we wonder. (just kidding)

May 27, 2009

Tips for the Toothfairy

You would think by the third child and a dozen or so lost teeth, I would be an expert Toothfairy. Yet here are a few more lessons I learned from my latest experience.

When your kid comes home from school very excited because he lost his tooth, make sure to get the tooth from him and put it in a safe place so that at bedtime you don't have to look for the tooth. You don't want your child to be distraught because he can't find his tooth to put under the pillow for the Toothfairy. And it makes bedtime much harder when you are searching for a tooth. (fyi we found it on the back porch).

It is probably a good idea to also put the tooth in an envelope or ziplock bag before the child puts it under his pillow. That way it will be easier for the Toothfairy to find. Not only that, but when the child wakes up at 4:00 a.m. and discovers that not only has the Toothfairy not come but his tooth is missing, it will be easier you to find when you are half asleep looking under and around beds for a teeny tiny tooth.

Yet an even better idea is to make sure the Toothfairy comes before 4:00 a.m. thus avoiding the need for an early morning tooth search.

May 26, 2009

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Our upstairs TV quit working a few months ago. We turned it off one day and it never came back on. Of course we have a downstairs TV. It is in the downstairs family room. It’s funny though, that even though we still have access to TV, because it is not in our faces, we don’t watch it much. Before I was always having to tell the kids to turn off the TV, and now I find myself sending them downstairs to watch TV when they are getting too wild or loud (I can send them outside now, too). It is like they forgot that they can watch TV. Out of sight, out of mind. I no longer hear the annoying voices of Sponge Bob or Fairly Odd Parents, or the dialog of Dora or Wonder Pets, or listen to Drake and Josh antics. Nice.

We have a kitchen/dining room/family room combo upstairs. I love it. That is where the TV was until we took it away. The kids would just come home from school and turn on the TV. Just because it was there. Get a snack, turn on the TV. After breakfast, or before, Cameron always wanted the TV on. I had to make a rule that he had to be dressed and he had to wait until Andy went to school before the TV got turned on. Now he doesn’t even ask to watch TV. Which is nice because I can use TV as a babysitter when I need a few minutes (okay--an hour?) to myself and not feel too guilty about it because he doesn’t watch it that often.

I used to have the TV on while I was in the kitchen, doing something at the table, or even on the computer. Really for no reason. But now that I actually have to be just sitting and watching TV instead of multitasking—I rarely watch TV either.

I am actually thinking that maybe we don’t need programmed television at all. Just the occasional video or DVD.

May 21, 2009


I have been thinking lots lately about volleyball coaching. And praying. I did get an interview for the job I applied for at Farmington High School, but they were suppose to get back to me to set a date and they didn't. As I mentioned earlier, chances are pretty good I could find a coaching job in or around Farmington for the fall. I know I would enjoy it, but I decided not this year. One reason I am moving to Farmington is to be with my family--my parents and siblings and their families. Instead of spending time in a gym, I want to spend time with my family.

And my number one reason is because my immediate family still needs me at home as much as possible. They will grow up soon enough (though some days it doesn't seem like it...) and I have plenty of time to coach. It will be enough change for everyone to be in a new city and in new schools without adding me going to work too. I want to be there when they come home from school.

Also, my body isn't getting any younger so I better play as much rec ball as I can before it gives out. As long as I am coaching games, I won't have time to play in them.

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Now is my time to enjoy living by my parents and sharing my kids with them. Time to be there as my oldest son navigates the waters of high school, and learns to drive (ahhh!). Time to have fun through the tween years with my almost 12 year old. Time to foster Andy's enthusiasm and zest for life--or at least try to keep up with him. Time to share in Janessa's excitement as she starts her formal education and learns to read. Time to enjoy the last two years of having a child by my side everyday and seeing his joy as he discovers more and more about his world.

There will be plenty of time and volleyball seasons to be in the gym.

May 20, 2009

Called to Serve in the Domincan Republic

If you go to my in-law's house you will find little white pieces of paper taped to nearly every object, labeling it with it's Spanish name. And a few weeks ago Scott's parents began reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. All this is in preparation for a mission in the Dominican Republic. They will leave the beginning of October to serve for 18 months representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. Their call is to do records preservation; however, they don't yet know what that entails.

They are excited to serve, but a little nervous, especially about the language. My father-in-law served a Spanish speaking mission as a young elder, but my mother-in-law does not speak any Spanish. They both know if the pray hard and work hard it will all go well. In the words of my mother-in-law "I know if I do my part, God will do his part. He never leaves us alone."

They will do a great job and I know they will love the people where ever they serve--in this case the Dominican Republic.

May 14, 2009

Hair Woes

My oldest son doesn't like my curly hair--at least on him. He bought a straightening iron a few weeks ago. I guess he doesn't realize that if he would cut his hair shorter it wouldn't curl. Brennen complained Sunday that he had to wait 10 minutes for Dustin to do his hair before he could take a shower. Brennen should be happy he only has one sister!

I have heard and read about moms who really enjoy time with their girls in the bathroom doing their hair. They get 5 or 10 minutes of one on one time where they can talk and share. Morning time in the bathroom doing hair with my girl is far from that. She is most always crying/screaming and getting mad because it pulls. Either she has a tender head or is just a complainer. However, I do think that her curls make it harder to comb through. Once we get it combed through then she is very particular of how she wants it done, and has been since she got enough hair to do. I rarely get to choose and when I do it is usually with an argument "why do you always get to choose?" And there are the days when she wants to do it herself and I don't fight it (pick your battles) and just hope that the public knows that I did not put those clippies in her hair like that.

I suppose I envy those moms who enjoy time with their daughters in the bathroom. There have been a few times where it has been fun, but mostly it is a morning chore I do not look forward to.

May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

It is a few days past the fact, but here is a picture of my gifts and cards from my kids and hubby. There are flowers (to plant) that didn't get into the picture. (notice the Reeses and the bubble bath--my family knows me well!)

We celebrated with Scott's family at his parents' house on Sunday.

I told Scott and the kids I wanted a picnic in the canyon for my Mother's Day treat, so that's what we did on Monday night. I had a great time and really enjoyed my kids. The little ones found the water and mud (Andy was in it up to his knees) and the big boys played on rope swing there. I wanted pictures, but the battery was out in my camera.

I was later thinking that it's interesting how I thouroughly enjoyed my kids and being a mom while at the campground, but at home I get tired of the 'mom thing' (sometimes). I suppose I could use an attitude change, or try to make life at home more fun?

May 6, 2009

I May Be Dusting Off My Whistle

So I found out that the high school I graduated from is looking for a head volleyball coach. And as I have been mentioning, I am moving back to my home town. My fourth child starts kindergarten this fall (all day), which leaves me with only one child at home. And he is a very easy going, happy, low maintenance type of child if you know what I mean. My husband works at home and is pretty much free by the time school is out. Can you see where this is leading?

I applied for the job. To be a varsity volleyball coach. The head coach. Me. I would be in charge. Of a high school program.

My husband was actually excited and encouraged me to. I was just mentioning the fact to him and he is telling me to go for it and that it would be great.

I don't know what to think really. I loved coaching. But that was years ago in college and when Dustin was a baby. I remember joking that I traded my gym bag for a diaper bag. I would take the play pen and he would play happily in during practice. But now I have been a mom dealing with diapers, ouchies, homework, piano lessons, cub scouts, orthodontist appointments and all the rest for the past 14+ years. I don't know anything about teenage girls anymore.

I want to coach. I have always wanted to coach again. I intend to win a state championship. In my next phase of life. I guess I just don't know if that phase is here yet. Can I handle a team and a family. And can my hubby handle the situation well too, and my kids? With the move I know there are many coaching opportunities because there are two high schools and four middle schools plus three surrounding towns with high schools and middle schools. (As opposed to the small town I now live in that has only one high school and does not have middle school sports). I had planned on going for a coaching position, but I was thinking like 7th or 8th grade girls and in a year or two.

Not that I need to worry about anything yet because all I did was apply. The opportunity presented itself and I acted on it. Who knows. I may be the next head volleyball coach of Farmington High School.