December 21, 2012

"I said my words"

I thought it was time for some more Andy on my blog.  He is funny with words, mixing things up sometimes and just saying things in an odd/funny way.

1.  A few weeks ago we had personal kid talks, where each of our kids gets to talk to Scott and I about whatever they want and we can see how they are doing etc.  (Usually this happens when we are worried about one or more of the kids for some reason or other--this time it was Janessa cuz she was being so grouchy and ornery).  so..
     Andy's turn.  I feel bad that I can't really remember what we talked about.  However, I do remember how it ended.  He got up and started to walk away.  "Is that all?" I asked.  "Yep.  I said my words." and he left.  Scott and I started laughing.  He said his words and he was done.

2.  We had snow!! so school was delayed 2 hours.  Sometimes after the initial delay, they will just cancel school altogether.  So that morning when it was apparent that the kids were still going to go to school Andy said 'Darn it.  I wanted school to be deleted!'

3.  Lunches. Ugh.  anyway, one morning after I had made sandwiches Andy wanted me to make his lunch and put it in a bag for him and I said no.  He tried to guilt me by saying "Why won't you be loving mother and make my lunch?"  It didn't work.  He still had to do it. But it has been a family joke now. "Are you being a loving kid?" "Your loving mother wants you to..." etc.

December 3, 2012

Christmas Time--already?

Amazing that a year has passed and it is Christmas time again!  We were very busy last week with holiday stuff.

Tuesday--pack meeting at the nursing home where we sang Christmas Carols and handed out ornaments the boys had made.

Thursday--Christmas parade.  I was not going to go this year.  J & A were invited to be on the gymnastics float, but I didn't tell them.  Its just so cold out there watching a parade in December (yes even in New Mexico).  And it's a pain to drop them off and pick them up in the parade mayhem etc. I know that doesn't get me "mommy" brownie points but ya, I didn't want to do the parade thing this year.

However, my husband came home one night and excitedly announced that he was in the parade with the college float! passing out candy (cuz you can't throw candy anymore, just pass it out you know).  So we went to the parade.  But I enjoyed it.  It was not very cold since we are having a warm winter so far.  My favorite moment was the look on Cam's face when he saw Santa Clause on the fire engine!  It was precious and I realized I only have this year and maybe next year left of "Christmas magic" at my house.

Friday--Festival of Trees at the Civic Center.  It is a fun activity that our family enjoys.  It is a charity event where you buy 'raffle' tickets and then put them the bucket of the tree you like to see if you win a tree! We have never won a tree but it is fun to see all the fun themed decorated trees and to hope...
then we went to "Riverglo" where saw luminaries lining the Riverwalk and heard choirs and saw a live Nativity complete with donkeys and a goat.  

Saturday--The amazing luminaries display at the College and then across the street to the Nativity Display at our stake center.  There were lots and lots of different Nativity sets displayed throughout the building and a live Nativity outside, completed with hot chocolate and cookies.

now that all the activities are almost done--still have Janessa's 3rd grade musical thing, and the ward party--we can get busy with the 'work' of Christmas like decorating, shopping, making cookies, candy houses, etc etc etc.

And or course we will remember the have the Spirit of Christmas!

November 28, 2012


 It is 8:00 p.m. I am worn out and ready for bed.  And not because I cleaned house or spent too much time with the kids.  Its because I went swimming--lap swimming you could say.  It is tiring.  This is the first time I have gone swimming for two days in a row.  And I played a 3-game volleyball match last night.  I think that may be way over my exercise limit for 24 hours.

One of my best friends in high school was a swimmer.  She was on the high school swim team.  We met because she was also on the volleyball team (of course).  I never thought much about swimming except it was a sport and she did it.  And I thought she was amazing for getting up so early in the mornings for swim practice before school.  I went to the state meet with her parents and watched her once. She swam with the Masters program in college and then her 2nd or 3rd year joined the university team.

I could swim well enough to pass the swim test at the pool in order to go off the diving board.  I loved to play in the water but didn't swim really, just played around.

Then in college I took a swimming class.  Wow.  I learned that swimming is hard.  I mean hard work.  It wears you out.  But I loved the class.  I learned how to swim the right way, with my face in the water, dive in without holding my nose, and do a few other strokes.  It was from that class that I gained appreciation for my friend's sport.  It is not for wimps.

Now over 20 years later (but who is counting really) I recently began going to the pool with my cousin for lap swimming.  We go with the seniors--as in senior citizens.  (The water is warmer at that pool than the more popular big pool in town and they haven't said we can't come).  I am so so amazed by these old women that swim lap after lap either freestyle, or backstroke or however.  And I don't mean disrespect by calling them old women because they are old!  And I am totally respecting them.  I can only freestyle like about 4 or 5 lengths of the pool (not in succession of course!) the duration we are there. I do some side stroke, or some sort of back float or whatever but mostly my cousin and I just amble up and down the pool so we are exercising but technically not "swimming."

It is good exercise and fun to "mingle" with the older ladies in the locker room and see their friendship and hear their conversations.  And to admire these aged bodies, some needing walkers, that are still wanting to get out and move.

November 27, 2012

First Lost Tooth

This is my last "first lost tooth."   Too soon we will see the last of the tooth fairy at our house.

I took this picture to send to Cameron's doctor since it has been six weeks since his last laser treatment.  She likes pictures since we don't see her between treatments.  So she not only got a pic of his face but also of his proud hole in his teeth.  I thought it was too cute not to post.

He could have another laser in a few weeks but we decided not too.  I think we are done for a year or so.  This time I actually asked Cameron what he thought about having another treatment and he said that he thinks his birthmark is just fine.  So there you have it.

It will be an ongoing process through the years but for now, after 10 treatments in the past two years, we are done.  Hooray!

November 12, 2012


I am copying the following from my friend's blog that she posted many years ago: (And I haven't seen her for many years as moves have taken us both to different parts of the country--but she is awesome and I miss her.)

"Where do all the dark church socks go? Is there a secret commune somewhere where missing socks can be found? We have 6 pair. I did ALL the laundry. Only one black sock. The rest are out partying somewhere, I guess...

So, I send a plea to the secret sock commune: Please send the socks home. We love them and miss them. We want them to be with us always. Socks, come home!"

Like Andrea, I wonder where all our dark socks go!  I don't know how many pair we have--a lot because I have hand-me downs from the older boys plus others that I have bought I know just for the little boys.  I have all sorts of mismatched dark socks of various sizes.  Of course nobody notices much if they wear mismatched socks, but it is amazing how many shades of "dark" there are.  I suppose I just need to throw them all away and buy about 10 new pair and see how long they last.  Hopefully they won't be persuaded to join the secret sock commune.  (buying new church socks has been on my 'list' for about a month now).

And speaking of church socks, the other day in church Andy was rubbing my leg which had nylons on it.  After a minute or so he asked "Why do you wear those kind of socks?"  "Well," I told him "because some person decided long ago for reasons unknown, that women were supposed to wear these kinds of socks."  I suppose I could look up the history of pantyhose, but I won't.  However, if you are interested you are welcome too.

Scott bought himself some new socks.  Dark ones and tan ones to go with some of the new clothes he bought.  He needed some slacks and dress shirts (but not necessarily white ones) because he GOT A JOB! He is not longer a stay at home worker.  He is the controller at the community college here--San Juan College.  This means that I have to do more ironing.  But it also means lots of other things, like health insurance (as opposed to the private health insurance we currently have that costs a whole lot), and a more traditional family schedule of Dad going to work 8-5.  We've had some adjustments but it is awesome.  And he usually doesn't lose his socks because they always make it to the laundry hamper (unlike my socks).  But only time will tell of course.

November 6, 2012

Conversations with a First Grader

On a Saturday Morning:

Me: Come on. We need to go to Janessa's soccer game.
Cam:  I don't want to go.
Me:  I know but you have to. Dad is at Andy's game and Brennen isn't here. You can't stay here by yourself.
Cam:  Why?
Me:  Because you are only 6.
Cam (arguing back):  Ya! I'm six and I can even make my own toast!

At Home Depot:

Cam:  Can I buy this flashlight?  It is $5 and Andy says I have 89 cents.
Me:  Well you need 500 and 89 cents.

Cameron is so much fun.  "Seriously" and "actually" are about his favorite words.  However, he is the baby of the family so I realize that I don't give him all the responsibility he needs and do way too much for him.  So I am working on that.  Making his own toast is a step in the right direction!

October 13, 2012

Mom Powers

I don't know if it is just my kids, or if all kids think their moms have x-ray vision and radar ears.

Child #1 is playing on the computer and takes a bathroom break.  He calls me from the bathroom.  I go to the door and he tries to tell me something about the computer.  This is my child who doesn't speak very well--has what is called articulation issues.  I think I can understand him great until I get in the car with him or he is on the other side of the bathroom door.  Since it is not a "bathroom issue" I tell him to talk me when he is out of the bathroom.  When he gets out of the bathroom he is a little frustrated that I didn't do whatever it is he wanted me to do on the computer.

Child #2 is putting away the laundry.  Hooray!  I am in the kitchen cleaning up with the water on.  She is in the living room where the laundry is on the couch.  She tries to talk to me and I yell "I can't hear you the water is on.  Come in here."  I continue to hear her voice though I can't make out any words.  After I turn off the water she asks loudly "Are these Dad's?" Because of course I have I can see through the wall to the other room to see what she is referring too.

I guess I should be flattered that my kids think I have super powers and can see and hear them wherever they are in the house.  However, as of yet, I have not developed x-ray vision or radar ears.

October 4, 2012

Too Much Red Stuff

This week was pretty uneventful I suppose.  Not too many kids running in and out of my house.  This is not always the case however.

We live across the street from a nice large park.  And this spring, summer and fall there have been a lot of kids at the park between the ages of 6 and 12.  My kids' age range.  And so there is not a lack of playmates for my children.  That is good.  I know I complained about lack of friends and play-dates before, but we certainly don't have that problem anymore.

Those kids who play at the park, well their houses are not across the street from the park.  And the kids seem to gravitate to my house a lot.  There are mainly 4 families including mine that make up this gang of kids, with some other kids thrown in here and there.  I am happy that my children are entertained and not sitting in front of the TV but there are times that it gets to be too much. There are times when I want to hang a sign on the door:
        WE MOVED

I am happy that the kids like our house.  And our trampoline (we bought a new one--I just can't be a mom without a trampoline).  and our backyard and climbing the tree in our front yard.  Yes, I am too nice but I do send them back to the park whenever I want.  And I don't give them otter-pops, Andy does.  And I started making them get a drink out of the hose. (I drank out of the hose when I was a kid and I am fine, I think).

A few weeks ago though there was blood. Twice!

First of all, I come home from somewhere and there are boys running through the house being chased by my son with a cordless drill.  Which he is turning on as he chases.  And Janessa is in the mix too.  I get upset, send Andy to time-out and send everyone else back to the park, but not before I lecture them that "TOOLS ARE NOT TOYS" and did nobody think that was a little dangerous?!?  I make sure Andy says that "tools are not toys" like 20 times and tell him that him and his friends need to stay out of the garage. (by the way, my hubby was home but downstairs I think).

Not 10 minutes after I send them all out of my house they come back.  One kid's head is bleeding and he is screaming out of control because his hand is covered with the blood so he is freaked out.  His brother is crying because he was the one that threw the item that hit the bleeding kid so he is feeling bad.  However, the bleeding stops, both boys are consoled by my husband and after washing him up I drive the hurt one home.  The sad thing about this story is the parents weren't home and neither boy knew their parents' phone number.  What if it had been a bad injury?  moral of the story--I made sure all my kids know our phone numbers.

The next incident was on a Saturday not even two weeks past the first one.  Boys again.  a different group this time.  Hubby is gone and I am parked on the couch because I had just had surgery 3 days before (another story for another day).  I think Andy is at the park but a kid comes in "Can you help my brother."  I am thinking no, I don't want to get off the couch and go outside. "He is bleeding." great. more blood.  Where?  "In the backyard.  He stepped on something".  My older son goes out to help and I manage to finally make it out there.  Apparently he stepped on something in our grass and cut his foot.

I go outside.  The sun is very bright.  There is blood everywhere on the cement and his foot.   The kids are chattering away. One has the hose on wondering if he should wash the blood up or wash the foot.  I am overwhelmed.  I feel like I am going to pass out. Luckily I had my cell phone in my hand so I quickly texted my neighbor who came right over.  She took care of everything ordering kids to get paper towels and whatever.  I did bring gauze and tape out but didn't have the presence of mind to do anything with it.  and Andy had bandaids.  The cut again wasn't bad but deep.  He didn't need stitches.  He did know his phone number and his big sister came and helped him home.

Yes I love living by the park.  I love the view from my window.  I love how nice the city keeps it.  I love watching people.  I love having close access.   Yet, every once in a while I think maybe we should move.


August 20, 2012


Last fall my life entered a new phase--all the kids started school full-time.  For the first time in 17 years I had no preschoolers at home.

This year brings a bigger change--my first born is off to college in another state.  Our little family (or big depending on your perspective) will never be quite the same again.  It is a good change I know.  but it will be different around here for sure.  For one thing I lost my helpful driver.  Now I will have to drive the kids around myself and can't ask Dustin to stop by the grocery store for milk on his way home from work, or take the Redbox movie back that I keep forgetting about.  I also lost my best dishwasher unloader--the job I like least in the house. And I won't get to hear him bless the sacrament in church anymore.  Or have his humor at the dinner table.  Or get to watch him interact with his 6 year-old brother when asked to play action figures.

The other big change that effected our family this summer was The Business.  The business that we bought just over 4 years ago is gone, which Scott worked and I helped with now and then is gone.  He sold it this summer.  No more filing documents to the SEC for other companies.  No more deadline days, preceded by a week or so of long hours and little sleep for Scott.  It was good to us.  Or rather Scott made it good to us.  He was an awesome business owner and kept clients happy with his attention to detail and hard work ethic.  But he felt it was time for a change, found a buyer, and sold it.

He is now "semi-retired".  For a few months anyway while he decides what comes next.  He hasn't had a whole lot of down time since he stopped working--Scout camp, youth conference, family reunion, and some yard work, taking the kids swimming and biking and motorcycling, Eagle project help.  He did buy a mountain bike and is enjoying this new found hobby, and enjoying more time for running.  He running in the Ragnar next summer in Utah.

And I am thinking maybe it is time for me to get a job.  But part-time.  Because I don't think I could ever handle full-time.  I am too spoiled.  But maybe full-time could be an option I suppose if there were to someone else to do the laundry, and the cleaning and cooking, and the chauffeuring, the grocery shopping, and . . . hmmm, I wonder if there is such a person available...

August 7, 2012

Last Week of Summer Vacation

Oh what do you do in the summertime if your trampoline broke?

Yes, sadly the trampoline got a rip in it so it is dead.  Thank goodness it happened the last week of summer because I don't know what the kids would do if they couldn't jump with the sprinkler under the tramp at least 3 or 4 times per week multiple times a day it seems.  This does result in a mess of wet clothes but a small price to pay for happy busy kids.  I tried to make the rule they had to change into their swimming suit before getting wet so we didn't go through so many clothes, but sometimes it happens (the swimming suit) and sometimes it doesn't.  (Sometimes I am too lax on rules I know).

And what are the neighbor kids going to do?  maybe find another house to visit that has a trampoline.  Ironically it was the teenagers that were on it when it broke.  Funny cuz they rarely come over and even less rarely jump.

Janessa is so excited for the first day of school.  The boys haven't said much.  I was actually on top of things this year and shopped for school supplies before the last minute when the supply is limited.  Yay for me!  however, I found out later that if I had waited one more day I wouldn't have had to pay sales tax because New Mexico had 3 days of no sales tax for school supplies and clothes, etc.  But that's okay.  I would have saved about $5 but at least I got it done without fighting crowds.  Janessa has her backpack packed and ready to go.  I don't think the boys have even looked at the school supplies.  The difference between boys and girls.

Yesterday we went to the elemantary school to find out teachers.  Andy and Janessa both have new teachers to the school and they are both men.  I think that is very cool.  This is the last year the 3 little ones will all be in elementary.  Brennen gets to pick up his schedule today.  He is half-way through the book "The Count of Monte Cristo" he is supposed to have read and assignments done by the 1st day of school for his AP English Class.

This week Brennen is doing his Scout Eagle Project.  Hooray!  Two Eagle projects in the family in a little over 3 months.  He is replanting the flower beds in front of the local aquatic center and putting a split rail fence around it.

And after that I guess we are ready for school to start next Tuesday!

August 5, 2012


Dustin received among other things a list in the mail from his college with the title "WHAT TO BRING".

 "Here is a recommended checklist for incoming students.  Of course every student may have different needs, but this gives you a good start.  Items we consider essential are starred (*)."

on the list are things like laundry supplies, Hygiene supplies, specific bedding, etc.

I found it interesting that these items were starred (*), therefore considered ESSENTIAL:
   Music player (CD, MP3, iPOD)*
   DVD player* (w/remote and user manual)

While these items were not starred thus not essential to a college education:
  Spiral Notebooks
  Alarm clock (of course if you have your iPOD it can be used as your alarm clock I suppose)

August 3, 2012

Bet you didn't know...

That you can buy freeze dried crickets at Walmart. (see previous post)
so now you know.  Even though Andy is boy #3 this is my first experience with lizards

Today we had a parade in town.  I had a doc appt at the same time as the parade and it was only a street and a half away from the parade.  So I drove by the doctor's office and showed A & J where it was, then took them to a parking lot to watch the parade and we agreed that if I got done before it was over, I would walk to them. Otherwise they were to walk to the doctor's office.  It was a cute sight when I was done with the doctor (which of course took way too long) and I saw two kids sitting on the steps surrounded by candy.  And guess what Andy caught while walking away from the parade--yep, another lizard.

Happy kids.  Amazing to think we only have two more weekends til summer is over and school starts.

July 31, 2012

Simple Pleasures

"Mom, want to help me look for crickets?"

A question every mom wants to hear.  He asked me this after I was the best mom ever today.  Because I took my boy to the park which has a creek and small irrigation canal.  On the way home he said "This is the best day ever!"  Cuz with his friend he caught 3 toads (I called them frogs but was corrected), a giant spider, and 5 lizards.  But they let one lizard go so it would be even.  They each brought home a small lizard and a bigger lizard.  And his friend kept the giant spider, thank goodness.  He also told me I the best mom since I am letting him keep lizards.  I will have to remind him of that when he thinks I am the meanest mom.

The park was actually a pretty good time for me too.  I didn't have any other kids with me so I sat in the shade and read a book while Andy and his friend got wet and muddy and had a ball catching critters.  Haven't read much this summer at all.  It was nice quiet time.

Well, I don't even know where to find crickets for his lizards to eat.  And the best thing I could find as a habitat was a 5 gallon bucket which we put rocks and dirt in.  Hopefully the lizards won't get hungry too soon because I didn't help him look for crickets.

June 7, 2012

What? My Son is an Adult?

Meaning I must be getting old.  The mom of an adult?  Well, he may be able to vote and sign his own documents but he is still a teenager.  And still my responsibility.  and still living in my house.  For a few more months anyway.  Then D is on his way to Utah State University.  The place of his birth.  We moved off campus and out of student housing when he was just a few weeks old to Salt Lake City where Scott got his first full-time job.  (The first of many because he liked to job hop a bit. Not in a bad way, just saw different opportunites.  And now he owns his own business which is pretty cool and ambitious.  anyway...back to Dustin).

We had a small pre-graduation party for Dustin the night before the big day.  Only I forgot to take pictures.  I was busy you know doing all the stuff moms do when hosting parties.  And it was supposed to be outside at the park across the street with a volleyball net and other games but it was like so so windy and we had to do it inside which of course I didn't plan on until an hour before.  Next time I will delegate the photo taking.

But here is one photo of the star of the party and the awesome cake I made.  The award there if you can see it is the "Sousa Award" he earned for outstanding senior in band.

In case you can't see the cake very well (and the cool scorpion I made out of an airhead), then here is another pic of the cake.  I found the drummer on the cake at Hobby Lobby and it was 50% off!

The grandparents came down from Utah so that was very cool.  However, I neglected to get any pics of the graduate with either set of grandparents, or Dad.  ARG!  But I got one of him with me.

And to our surprise he was on the front page of the paper the day after graduation pictured in a group with other graduates celebrating the moment. 
and 5 days later he had a birthday...
(I think he is more excited than he looks)

We took the older boys river rafting in Durango for his big day and had a great time.  The younger kids went to Utah with Grandma and Grandpa after graduation so they were not around.

He was hired at Home Depot this summer and he is also keeping his job at the library.  I am impressed.  This is the boy at some time in his life who, after I told him we were going to do some work and it would take about an hour, complained: "A whole hour of work!?!?" like it was going to be torture.  However, I guess part of the reason he has two jobs is because he is very good at spending but hasn't quite learned the saving part so he needs to catch up on his college account which is a bit lacking.  good think he got some scholarships!

He is a good boy.  A typical absent-minded teenager but a great kid.    Even though he was our first and the "one we make mistakes and learn on" I think he is turning out just fine.  Come fall I will miss this boy, or I guess adult.

May 9, 2012

End of School Year Activities

2nd grade music program (actually at the end of April)
4th grade recorder program (actually at the end of April)
High school choir concert
High school band concert
Band banquet
Tennis banquet
grade school field trips/picnics
Senior Awards night
grade school field day
grade school end of  year assembly
kindergarten graduation
Seminary Graduation
graduation party

And this month we had our last few soccer games, Cameron's laser (his last for a while), Scott ran a 10K, and DUSTIN COMPLETED HIS EAGLE PROJECT!!!!

After all is said and done, what a month May will be!
(and we will throw Mother's Day and a few birthday's in too)

March 22, 2012

Funny Funny Cam

I get a kick out of my 5-year old.  And lately I have been remembering back to when my 17-year old was 5.  They are a lot alike.  Full of imagination, and happy and easy going.  Dustin used to dress up in his costumes and wear them all day.  To the grocery store, etc.  And he wasn't "Dustin" he was "Peter Pan" or "Batman".  Cameron doesn't have the costumes but he still likes to get "decked out."

We had Cam's 8th laser treatment last week.  Our neighbor gave him Spiderman socks the night before.  He picked out his wardrobe for the hospital:  his Spiderman pajamas, Spiderman socks, and he put his stuff to do in the car in his Spiderman backpack.  Now I had just done laundry and washed two pair of pajamas cuz I know he likes to wear pj's to the hospital, but  Spiderman wasn't among them.  So I just got a wash rag and washed off the dirty spots (probably syrup).  And his pants had a hole but oh well.

When he was taken back to pre-op he promptly lifted up his pants to show off his Spiderman socks to the nurse who was taking his vitals.  And then he showed everyone who happened to come into his room.  When he got dressed in his hospital pajamas he asked if he could leave his socks on.  The answer was "yes."

The laser treatment went very well.  It was quick because the doc didn't do his neck, chest or ear.  She is done with those parts.  Yay!  He woke up from anesthesia just fine--no emergence delirium--and he didn't get sick.  Hooray!  Healing is much quicker this time and he was mostly pain free.  Yay!  And the biggest news--One more in May and then come back in a year.  Hooray!

Another funny story at the hospital.  We had to wait in the waiting room for an hour and a half! (not funny).  That has never happened before.  Usually its 10-15 minutes or less.  Anyway, there was a play house with a kitchen and play food.  So Cameron was pretending to cook and then served me food, which was breakfast.  He was very good to split everything evenly, even pretending to cut up some things so we could both have the same amount.  After we ate then he got into the car there (the kind you use your feet to move) and said, "Goodbye. I am going to work.  You wash the dishes."  I thought it was very funny.  But later, after he fixed lunch, went back to work, came home and fixed dinner, he told me that I don't have to wash the dishes at night because he does them at night.  Isn't that great?  A "hubby" who cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner and does the dinner dishes at night.  Not bad.

Back to the Spidey socks--I think he wore them everyday for the next week.  He had shorts on one day with his sunglasses too.  couldn't resist the shot:

March 18, 2012

It's Spring Break!!

And I am so happy to say we are staying home!   I am still recovering from our Christmas vacation.  and I vow to never go on Christmas vacation again.  at least for now.  However, I know the kids had a great time with cousins over Christmas and that is what really matters. (right?)

Anyway, the kids have the week off from school and I have no idea what we are going to do, but I get a week off from making peanut butter sandwiches (at least in the morning)!  I used to make one sandwich for Janessa but this year it is 3 or 4 sandwiches for kids in the morning.  Because Cameron started school and needs one (creamy peanut butter and grape jelly), and Andy decided he never wants school lunch again, and sometimes Dustin and Brennen take lunches (but usually not on the same day).  That is 8 slices of bread per day.  We go through bread like crazy.  And peanut butter.  though sometimes Andy and Dustin take meat sandwiches.  And yes, I could have the kids make their sandwiches themselves but it is a lot less hassle for me to do it.  (Dustin is never ready on time to make his own anyway so I guess I spoil him).

so, this week maybe, just maybe I can sleep in a little bit.

I am sure it will be a week of video games and TV.  with some scooter and bike riding and trampoline jumping if the weather is nice.  some friends over.  and some fighting mixed in there.  and I am hoping to throw in at least one "field trip" somewhere.  But I haven't thought about it that much yet...

By next Monday I know I will be more than happy to get up early and make peanut butter sandwiches again, but for now, I am just excited to sleep in.

March 2, 2012

Snow Day

I think New Mexico is the only place you can have a snow day (school canceled) and then the snow is almost all melted by the time school would have gotten out!

I took the kids sledding around noon but they got pretty muddy as the snow was already melting away...(I just stayed in the car and read a book).

February 11, 2012

Growing Boys

B has grown a lot the last 8 or 9 months.  And during that time he apparently hasn't worn his scout shirt much.  He had a board of Review last week and when I saw him in his uniform shirt I wanted to laugh.  (maybe I did).  It was way little.  But he didn't care.  He is advancing to Life (I think thats what its called--the last one before Eagle) and he has an Eagle project planned and plans to have it done this summer.

On the other hand, D has never done an Eagle project and probably never will.  He turns 18 in May.  There were two different projects he has had in the works but they both fell through.  The first one wasn't entirely his fault but the 2nd one he just decided he didn't want to do it.  He has an idea for another one but I don't know if it will happen.  The motivation and drive just isn't there and he only has 3 months to get it done, including meeting with the district board a few times which only meets once per month.  D will do fine in life I am sure but he just wasn't born with much drive, unlike his younger brother who sometimes has too much ambition.  Eagle project aside, I am proud to say that D spoke in Stake Conference last weekend!  He did great (and it is something I hope I never have to do).

We found out that B needs glasses.  I have been surprised that none of my kids have needed glasses since I have horrible eyes and most of my siblings wear glasses also.  Well, last week B came home and said that he took an eye test at school.  The school had already called and told us we need to get his eyes checked.  Well B said that he can see just fine but the machine was all messed up. It was all blurry he said.  It was the machine, not his eyes.  Yesterday he had a physical because he wants to play on the tennis team at school.  So guess what the doctor said?  He needs to see the eye doctor.  I made an eye appointment for next week.  Yet he insists he can see just fine.  I told him he doesn't know what he can't see!

February 1, 2012

We are the Champions--Again!

For the third year in a row my city league volleyball team has taken 1st place.

The first year we won our league and the tournament.  However, we were in a lower division that we didn't really belong in.

Last year we moved up two divisions and took 2nd in league play and 1st in the tournament.

This year we have won league play with a record of 13-3 and are waiting to play in the tournament.

There are 3 of us that have been on the team all three years.  This year's team is pretty much the same as last years team with a few changes--one gal moved so we picked up someone else.

It is fun!  Every Tuesday night for about 4 months I get to leave the house, forget about being a mom, and play some ball.  Get some exercise and some laughs!

January 27, 2012

Mornings 2

I have two children who don't like to be wrong, and think they are never wrong, or its never their fault.  And I know that most people don't like to be wrong, but maybe most people just aren't so stubborn about it.

This morning we were doing scripture reading as a family--one thing that has been good for January. we have been more HIT than miss on this.  So today J started reading the verse that D just read.  So he said that he just read that one.  Instead of her accepting a mistake and reading the next verse she got mad and wouldn't read anything.  I know it is just a little thing but that is how she is all the time. I don't know how to teach her that it is okay to make a mistake and she doesn't always have to be right or always know the right answers.

Later on, maybe 10-15 minutes before time to leave for school, I reminded A to get his shoes on and lunch packed and he got mad at me.  "I am reading!"    So I told him I am not going to remind him anymore and if he is not ready when its time to go too bad.

We do have a rule that they are supposed to have shoes on before breakfast but I have gotten lax about it and it came back to bite me today.  Also, I make the sandwiches and they do everything else for their lunch.  Andy always had school lunch until this year when he decided he never wants school lunch again, so it is a new challenge.

Anyway, I leave him and comb J's hair.  In fact I French braid two braids which takes about 8-10 minutes--plenty of time for A to get his shoes on and put his lunch together. Scott tells the kids "lets go."  (I had already prepared Scott and told him to leave Andy if he isn't ready). A gets franctic because he is not ready and doesn't have shoes on. Scott walks out the door with the other kids so A starts going balistic having one of his meltdowns.  He said "I was getting my lunch!"  and I said it doesn't take 10 minutes to get your lunch ready."  (I know he has a problem focusing but how and when is he ever going to learn?)  I was trying not to argue but I am not very good at not arguing.  And he is trying to tell me he was not wrong and it wasn't his fault because I told him to get his shoes AND do his lunch and he was doing his lunch just like I said.  He has his shoes on but won't go out the door because he "can't catch up to them."  a bit more arguing.  Finally I realize that I have to get out of the situation so I tell him I am going to get in the shower, and I do.

I take a long shower.  Scott comes home and tells me A caught up to them at the cross walk.  I was actually surprised that he left. Maybe next time I start arguing with him I will go take a shower.  It seemed to work.

but the lunch?...well, he left it on the couch...

January 26, 2012


So here is a glimpse of my morning today.  I thought you all could use some laughs or at least feel better that you are not the only one that has crazy mornings.

The dishwasher didn’t get started last night so besides having to wash some forks for breakfast and the fact that I won’t be able to have someone unload it before school, it causes another problem later on. 

For the 2nd day in a row the cat decided to use Andy’s bed as a litter box—because of the urine smell I suppose.  (Andy still has night-time problems).

Cameron started crying because Andy “jinxed” him and said he is in a locked jinx, meaning even if someone says your name 3 times you can’t get out of it until Andy says he is not jinxed anymore.  Still tears even though I explain that jinxed doesn’t really mean anything.

Because the dishwasher was on, and Andy decided to make hot chocolate in the microwave, and I was making pancakes with the electric griddle, the circuit breaker tripped and the power went out in the kitchen.  (the refrigerator and range are on that circuit too).  When I tried to explain to Scott that the power was off in the kitchen and he needed to fix it he didn’t understand because I didn’t say the “breaker went off”. He thought I was talking about power going off in the middle of the night.     Anyway, finally he understood what I meant and went and reset it.  (and I realize that I am capable of flipping the breaker, but I haven’t learned which one it is yet, which I guess I should put on my to do list).

"Didn't we already do this?" Dustin asks looking at the order form for his cap and gown that came in the mail. I answer "Yes, but it didn't get mailed on time and it expired so they sent us a new one." so he asks if I can mail it today.  yes.

Andy got up early to do finish his homework, and he did great and finished but then he is ready to early and too playful and wild and silly which prevents anyone else from focusing on getting ready.  

The dog got into the bathroom garbage so it was all over the floor in the bathroom when I went in to comb J’s hair.

Janessa wanted her hair braided like the little sister on Narnia.  I haven’t a clue what that girl's hair looked like but I do my best with her describing.  And I am happy that she is letting me do
her hair :).

I overwatered the plant on the top of the bookcase and so water was running down splashing on the books…

I bought Strawberry-kiwi Capri-Suns for lunch and Cameron doesn’t like that kind.

 Andy almost leaves his homework on the table as he walks out the door, but I get it in his backpack.  (yay Mom!) 

But finally everyone is out the door and it is quiet.  (Everyone except the animals and I wonder why exactly we have pets?)

We did have scripture reading with the kids before the big boys left and I made breakfast—more than frozen waffles or pancake sausages on a stick.   Not really a bad morning, just a regular morning with a few extra things to be expected I guess with a family of 7 people. (and two animals).