January 27, 2012

Mornings 2

I have two children who don't like to be wrong, and think they are never wrong, or its never their fault.  And I know that most people don't like to be wrong, but maybe most people just aren't so stubborn about it.

This morning we were doing scripture reading as a family--one thing that has been good for January. we have been more HIT than miss on this.  So today J started reading the verse that D just read.  So he said that he just read that one.  Instead of her accepting a mistake and reading the next verse she got mad and wouldn't read anything.  I know it is just a little thing but that is how she is all the time. I don't know how to teach her that it is okay to make a mistake and she doesn't always have to be right or always know the right answers.

Later on, maybe 10-15 minutes before time to leave for school, I reminded A to get his shoes on and lunch packed and he got mad at me.  "I am reading!"    So I told him I am not going to remind him anymore and if he is not ready when its time to go too bad.

We do have a rule that they are supposed to have shoes on before breakfast but I have gotten lax about it and it came back to bite me today.  Also, I make the sandwiches and they do everything else for their lunch.  Andy always had school lunch until this year when he decided he never wants school lunch again, so it is a new challenge.

Anyway, I leave him and comb J's hair.  In fact I French braid two braids which takes about 8-10 minutes--plenty of time for A to get his shoes on and put his lunch together. Scott tells the kids "lets go."  (I had already prepared Scott and told him to leave Andy if he isn't ready). A gets franctic because he is not ready and doesn't have shoes on. Scott walks out the door with the other kids so A starts going balistic having one of his meltdowns.  He said "I was getting my lunch!"  and I said it doesn't take 10 minutes to get your lunch ready."  (I know he has a problem focusing but how and when is he ever going to learn?)  I was trying not to argue but I am not very good at not arguing.  And he is trying to tell me he was not wrong and it wasn't his fault because I told him to get his shoes AND do his lunch and he was doing his lunch just like I said.  He has his shoes on but won't go out the door because he "can't catch up to them."  a bit more arguing.  Finally I realize that I have to get out of the situation so I tell him I am going to get in the shower, and I do.

I take a long shower.  Scott comes home and tells me A caught up to them at the cross walk.  I was actually surprised that he left. Maybe next time I start arguing with him I will go take a shower.  It seemed to work.

but the lunch?...well, he left it on the couch...

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