December 21, 2012

"I said my words"

I thought it was time for some more Andy on my blog.  He is funny with words, mixing things up sometimes and just saying things in an odd/funny way.

1.  A few weeks ago we had personal kid talks, where each of our kids gets to talk to Scott and I about whatever they want and we can see how they are doing etc.  (Usually this happens when we are worried about one or more of the kids for some reason or other--this time it was Janessa cuz she was being so grouchy and ornery).  so..
     Andy's turn.  I feel bad that I can't really remember what we talked about.  However, I do remember how it ended.  He got up and started to walk away.  "Is that all?" I asked.  "Yep.  I said my words." and he left.  Scott and I started laughing.  He said his words and he was done.

2.  We had snow!! so school was delayed 2 hours.  Sometimes after the initial delay, they will just cancel school altogether.  So that morning when it was apparent that the kids were still going to go to school Andy said 'Darn it.  I wanted school to be deleted!'

3.  Lunches. Ugh.  anyway, one morning after I had made sandwiches Andy wanted me to make his lunch and put it in a bag for him and I said no.  He tried to guilt me by saying "Why won't you be loving mother and make my lunch?"  It didn't work.  He still had to do it. But it has been a family joke now. "Are you being a loving kid?" "Your loving mother wants you to..." etc.

December 3, 2012

Christmas Time--already?

Amazing that a year has passed and it is Christmas time again!  We were very busy last week with holiday stuff.

Tuesday--pack meeting at the nursing home where we sang Christmas Carols and handed out ornaments the boys had made.

Thursday--Christmas parade.  I was not going to go this year.  J & A were invited to be on the gymnastics float, but I didn't tell them.  Its just so cold out there watching a parade in December (yes even in New Mexico).  And it's a pain to drop them off and pick them up in the parade mayhem etc. I know that doesn't get me "mommy" brownie points but ya, I didn't want to do the parade thing this year.

However, my husband came home one night and excitedly announced that he was in the parade with the college float! passing out candy (cuz you can't throw candy anymore, just pass it out you know).  So we went to the parade.  But I enjoyed it.  It was not very cold since we are having a warm winter so far.  My favorite moment was the look on Cam's face when he saw Santa Clause on the fire engine!  It was precious and I realized I only have this year and maybe next year left of "Christmas magic" at my house.

Friday--Festival of Trees at the Civic Center.  It is a fun activity that our family enjoys.  It is a charity event where you buy 'raffle' tickets and then put them the bucket of the tree you like to see if you win a tree! We have never won a tree but it is fun to see all the fun themed decorated trees and to hope...
then we went to "Riverglo" where saw luminaries lining the Riverwalk and heard choirs and saw a live Nativity complete with donkeys and a goat.  

Saturday--The amazing luminaries display at the College and then across the street to the Nativity Display at our stake center.  There were lots and lots of different Nativity sets displayed throughout the building and a live Nativity outside, completed with hot chocolate and cookies.

now that all the activities are almost done--still have Janessa's 3rd grade musical thing, and the ward party--we can get busy with the 'work' of Christmas like decorating, shopping, making cookies, candy houses, etc etc etc.

And or course we will remember the have the Spirit of Christmas!