May 27, 2013

Think Happy Thoughts

Last year I went to Time Out for Women and saw Hilary Weeks.  She gave a talk about positive thoughts and how using a clicker (counter) to keep track of every positive thought leads you to be happier and more productive and all that good stuff.  She has also made a website where people all over are logging in their clicks to see if we can reach one billion happy thoughts.  It is a great website with positive blogs, quotes and stories, etc.  And you can buy clickers!

My sister bought me a clicker at Time Out for Women but I haven't really done anything with it.  I have visited the website often but haven't "clicked'.  I finally decided that I am going to join in and start clicking!  and I decided to include my family also.  I bought clickers for everyone.  I thought it will be a great way to start off our summer.  Last night I showed the video of Hilary Weeks to my family and we laughed.  (you should watch it because it is funny--and a bit inspiring).  Then I passed out the clickers.  Everyone seemed enthusiastic about it. We talked a bit about how to be more positive in our home and have less arguing, etc.

Then after a little bit my 6 year-old pipes in "What does 'positive' mean?"

so I guess the first lesson in teaching a lesson, is make sure your students know what the key word means! lol

I will (or might) keep you posted on how our "clicking" is going and if our home is becoming a happier more positive place. 

May 6, 2013

A "Ta Da" Moment

I read a great article a while ago about "moments of awesome."  We aren't perfect and make mistakes but once in a while we have moments of awesome and we need to celebrate and feel good about those moments instead of feeling bad that we have shortcomings.

Well, I don't know how awesome it was, but I did have a "Ta-Da moment" yesterday.  I actually remembered before 7:30 this morning that today was CRAZY HAT DAY at the elementary school to start off reading week.  Not only were the hats ready BEFORE this morning, but also BEFORE bedtime last night.  We did it in the evening and had plenty of time to be creative.  (cuz that is really not my strong point).  What made it even better is that I came across the K'nex set (with crazy eyes, etc) in the closet while looking for supplies and so it was easy. And because the hats were ready early we even got to Skype Grandma and Grandpa to show off the hats.

Here are the crazy hats.

  Janessa found hers at a yard sale on Saturday which was an added bonus!  

 I used tape and safety pins to hold everything on. Andy of course just wanted to cut holes in the hat.

Well I used the webcam so the pics aren't great.  Cameron has pipe cleaners and a balloon on his with the eyes and propeller.

Most importantly, I had happy kids.

May 2, 2013

A New and Improved Month

Today is the second day of May and ALL my kids are in school for two days in a row.  Which is almost a record as of late.

April was sick month at my house.  It actually started the last of March.  Everyone in the house got sick at one time or another except Dustin.  He says its cuz he stays in the basement and the rest of us have bedrooms upstairs.  But only 2 people ended up seeing the doctor and got antibiotics for bronchitis.  However, after we got through the coughs and fevers, and everyone was at school for almost 2 full weeks, the stomach bug caught us.

Scott missed 3 days of work.  And collectively my children missed 15 1/2 days of school in April. And I got sick two separate times but I can't count time off of work because I am a mom and do mom's ever really get sick days?  Anyway, seeing that there are only 22 days of school in April, that means that I had at least one kid home with me most of the month.  Of course I love my kids and its good to spend some one on one time with them when they are home, but I do get used to having the house to myself and coming and going as I please so it just upsets the apple-cart so to say.  (Dustin does not work everyday but when he is home he sort of hibernates in the basement.)

Sheesh, complain complain.  Not really meaning to complain but it is pretty amazing how much down time we have had around here.  We got through winter without many hiccups so that is good.  Spring has just been a little rough.

But it is SPRING!  and the trees have leaves and flowers are showing their heads and the grass is greening up!  and my lettuce and spinach are sprouting.  When the wind goes away it will be perfect!

I am gearing up for a house full of kids and noise and energy and happiness (and a bit of bickering) cuz in less than FOUR weeks it will be summer vacation.  wow.  another school year come and gone...