May 6, 2013

A "Ta Da" Moment

I read a great article a while ago about "moments of awesome."  We aren't perfect and make mistakes but once in a while we have moments of awesome and we need to celebrate and feel good about those moments instead of feeling bad that we have shortcomings.

Well, I don't know how awesome it was, but I did have a "Ta-Da moment" yesterday.  I actually remembered before 7:30 this morning that today was CRAZY HAT DAY at the elementary school to start off reading week.  Not only were the hats ready BEFORE this morning, but also BEFORE bedtime last night.  We did it in the evening and had plenty of time to be creative.  (cuz that is really not my strong point).  What made it even better is that I came across the K'nex set (with crazy eyes, etc) in the closet while looking for supplies and so it was easy. And because the hats were ready early we even got to Skype Grandma and Grandpa to show off the hats.

Here are the crazy hats.

  Janessa found hers at a yard sale on Saturday which was an added bonus!  

 I used tape and safety pins to hold everything on. Andy of course just wanted to cut holes in the hat.

Well I used the webcam so the pics aren't great.  Cameron has pipe cleaners and a balloon on his with the eyes and propeller.

Most importantly, I had happy kids.

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tonya said...

Oh, I think it's very awesome! Love it!