May 27, 2013

Think Happy Thoughts

Last year I went to Time Out for Women and saw Hilary Weeks.  She gave a talk about positive thoughts and how using a clicker (counter) to keep track of every positive thought leads you to be happier and more productive and all that good stuff.  She has also made a website where people all over are logging in their clicks to see if we can reach one billion happy thoughts.  It is a great website with positive blogs, quotes and stories, etc.  And you can buy clickers!

My sister bought me a clicker at Time Out for Women but I haven't really done anything with it.  I have visited the website often but haven't "clicked'.  I finally decided that I am going to join in and start clicking!  and I decided to include my family also.  I bought clickers for everyone.  I thought it will be a great way to start off our summer.  Last night I showed the video of Hilary Weeks to my family and we laughed.  (you should watch it because it is funny--and a bit inspiring).  Then I passed out the clickers.  Everyone seemed enthusiastic about it. We talked a bit about how to be more positive in our home and have less arguing, etc.

Then after a little bit my 6 year-old pipes in "What does 'positive' mean?"

so I guess the first lesson in teaching a lesson, is make sure your students know what the key word means! lol

I will (or might) keep you posted on how our "clicking" is going and if our home is becoming a happier more positive place. 

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