September 6, 2013

Summer Wrap Up

School has started and I have the house to myself again.  It's pretty quiet.
Three different schools this year--
          Brennen 11th grade
    Andy 6th grade
          Janessa 4th grade
      Cameron 2nd grade

Here is a recap of our summer: (more pics later)

A family vacation to Washington DC for a week to see the sights
We rode bicycles around the mall.  (Scott and Cameron)

Janessa siting on FDR's lap

Brennen and Andy in front of the White House--sort of.  gotta love the construction

RAGNAR--a trip to Utah for my hubby to run in the Wasatch Back Ragnar with his siblings, then we stayed to visit for a week the Grandparents and cousins.

Youth Conference in Flagstaff (Brennen)

Some birthdays (Dustin, Brennen, Scott, Cameron)

Family Reunion near Moab

Another trip to Utah (Scott and the youngest 3)

Camping in Colorado a few times

Piedra Falls gathering courage to jump in the pool at the base of the waterfall-brrr!
playing in the river at Middle Fork
Baby kittens--3 that we are now trying to give away

Cousins staying at our house for 10 days while their dad (my brother) gave my sister a kidney.

Swimming lessons (the 3 youngest)

Couple of scout overnighters (Andy and Brennen)

A few trips to Big Bounce--one of my favorite places to take the young 'uns

Rock climbing at the college climbing wall

Lots of swimming at the pool and a few times to the river

Night games at the park

Some reading (mostly Janessa--the rest of us read a little bit but she knocked out the whole Gregor the Overlander series plus some others)

Selling Kirby vacuums (Dustin)

Too much video games and netflix

    Now a new school year...and back to "normal"

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