March 19, 2010

And It All Started Out So Funny . . .

We had some great spring weather this week.  Which means kids out on scooters and bikes and playing ball at the park.  Wednesday evening just before six, Andy got in a little predicament.  His pants got stuck in his bike chain.  One of the neighborhood kids came over and told us so Scott went across the street to the park to free him.  It was kind of funny--a bunch of kids gathered around while Scott worked to get the pants out of the stubborn bike chain.  I walked over and took a picture.  And I was reminded of the time Andy got stuck in his seat belt (don't ask me how) and we ended up having to find an Allen wrench and unscrew the seat belt from the wall of the van. 

Anyway, Scott was successful and Andy was free.  I walked back to the house and as I turned into the kitchen I caught a brief sight out the windwo of Scott falling over the fence. I only saw the end of it and I couldn't really tell that he was hurt.  He had been climbing, or hopping over the split-rail type fence that goes around the park (you can see it in the background of the pic if you look closely).  He had put his hands on the fence and then went to hop over, or swing his legs over, or whatever, and somehow caught his feet and fell to cement sidewalk.  Again, the kids were gathered around.  (Later I would learn that they were saying "Ooh! Gross! Look at all the blood. And the big bump on his arm.")

Well, he was hurt--pretty badly.  He had a gash in his left eyebrow and a broken elbow, which put him in the hospital for two nights.  He got four stitches in his head and had surgery to piece his elbow back together, which broke into 6 or 7 pieces.  The doctor called him "a tough case."  When he does something, he is very thorough, just like any accountant should be. 

March 13, 2010

Government Health Care? Really?

I have a son on Medicaid (government healthcare) since he is "uninsurable" because of the large birthmark on his face, meaning private healthcare won't take him.  We haven't used Medicaid yet since he has been a healthly boy.  This past week I decided I needed to get him into the dermatologist because he hasn't been seen in over a year.  Laser surgery is in his future for his port-wine stain--both for medical and cosmetic reasons.

(note--we have moved to a different state so I need a new dermatologist for him)

This is what I found out.  It is very hard to find a doctor who takes new patients with Medicaid.  There were no local dermatologists, or any in the next big town an hour away who were taking new patients on Medicaid.  I am welcome to come in and self pay, one office said.  So I went with Albuquerque (three hours away).  I was told I needed a referal for because Cam is on Medicaid.  I called the Medicaid office and they told me he does not need a referal as long as the doctor is in our network.  Check the internet for doctors, which I had been doing.  In fact, one office I called from the internet said they do not take Medicaid at all and didn't know why they were on the provider list.  I finally gave up on dermatologists and decided just for a pediatrician.  I figured Cam is due for a well-child check anyway.  And then I would maybe have an easier time finding a dermatologist if I had a referral and the pediatrician could recommend someone.  So great news-- I found a local pediatrician who is taking new patients on Medicaid!  However, the soonest appointment I could get is in the middle of May, because this isn't a sick visit.  I ended with that and decided to try a few more pediatricians or family doctors next week to see if I could get him in any sooner.  I am not waiting until May.  I will just say he needs to be seen because, I don't know, his face is hurting?

Government Healthcare?  Really?

Saturday--What A Day . . .

Primary activity, three soccer games, work (tutoring), PTA fundraiser.

Okay, so I didn't actually go to all three soccer games.  I was at one game the whole time and caught part of another one.  And luckily Scott shuttled Brennen to and from a scout merit badge workshop.  But I did help at the primary activity, went to work, and served food at the school fundraiser.   And I folded laundry and cleaned one bathroom.  Next Saturday promises to be less busy. . . I will be on VACATION!

March 4, 2010

Birthday Bash

I turned 30-something on Monday.  My 15-year-old planned a surprise party for me.  He even called a few of my friends to invite them.  Picture it--a 15 year old boy calling their mom's friends, not texting but talking.  Pretty impressive, huh?  He didn't tell me this, but I heard that thanks to caller ID, someone sang him "Happy Birthday" because she thought it was me calling.  I don't know if the party was all his idea or his friend Sarah's.  She bought all the decorations and party favors and helped him.  Either way, it was nice for a teenager to think about his mom.

First, I went out to dinner with my hubby and Andy (for his birthday too) and my parents.  It was fun, though Andy is sometimes too much for my mom to handle.  It was better after I switched places with Andy so he didn't keep kicking her under the table (since his feet never hold still, even when he is sitting down).  After dinner then Grandma and Grandpa took Andy to drop him off at home, and Scott took me shopping for some new bedroom curtains.  I did suspect something when we drove up to our house and ALL the lights were out.  When we opened the front door I got covered with silly spray.  The kids had a ball. 

But I have no pictures to post.  Maybe next year when I turn 40 or something.