March 13, 2010

Government Health Care? Really?

I have a son on Medicaid (government healthcare) since he is "uninsurable" because of the large birthmark on his face, meaning private healthcare won't take him.  We haven't used Medicaid yet since he has been a healthly boy.  This past week I decided I needed to get him into the dermatologist because he hasn't been seen in over a year.  Laser surgery is in his future for his port-wine stain--both for medical and cosmetic reasons.

(note--we have moved to a different state so I need a new dermatologist for him)

This is what I found out.  It is very hard to find a doctor who takes new patients with Medicaid.  There were no local dermatologists, or any in the next big town an hour away who were taking new patients on Medicaid.  I am welcome to come in and self pay, one office said.  So I went with Albuquerque (three hours away).  I was told I needed a referal for because Cam is on Medicaid.  I called the Medicaid office and they told me he does not need a referal as long as the doctor is in our network.  Check the internet for doctors, which I had been doing.  In fact, one office I called from the internet said they do not take Medicaid at all and didn't know why they were on the provider list.  I finally gave up on dermatologists and decided just for a pediatrician.  I figured Cam is due for a well-child check anyway.  And then I would maybe have an easier time finding a dermatologist if I had a referral and the pediatrician could recommend someone.  So great news-- I found a local pediatrician who is taking new patients on Medicaid!  However, the soonest appointment I could get is in the middle of May, because this isn't a sick visit.  I ended with that and decided to try a few more pediatricians or family doctors next week to see if I could get him in any sooner.  I am not waiting until May.  I will just say he needs to be seen because, I don't know, his face is hurting?

Government Healthcare?  Really?


Berkleys said...

What a pain! Maybe the pediatrician will have some ideas.
Do you guys have specific plans on where you'll be when you come visiting? I think Kevin would like to meet up with you and let the kids play and visit with you and Scott. E-mail me if you want to try and work something out. I hope you have a relaxing vacation.

emily and Nate said...

that sounds so frustrating!