September 26, 2009

Funny Funny Andy

I could write an entire blog about my seven-year old Andy. Things he does. Things he says. He keeps life interesting around here.

As we were driving home the other night as a family, the topic came up of what kind of car Dustin wants. Andy piped up and said Dustin wants a 'Vette. After a little conversation about 'Vettes Janessa asked what a 'vette is. So Andy explained:

"You know the people that are like doctors but take care of sick animals? And like an ambulance?"

Scott and I cracked up laughing as Dustin clarified that "vette" is short for Corvette. The picture that must have been in Andy's head of his brother driving around an animal ambulance is too funny.

Andy loves to eat. Sunday we had dinner at my Mom and Dad's with my brother and sister and their families. The kids were eating at the picnic table. Every once in a while a kid would come into the dining room table where we were eating and ask for some more of something--"more potatoes please", "more corn please", etc. Andy comes in with and empty plate holds it out and says "More." He just wanted more of everything and the way he said it so seriously had us all chuckling.

About a month ago he made himself a quesadilla--tortilla with melted cheese. He put it in the microwave, set it for 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds , turned it on and then forgot about it. I was gone. Scott smelled something burning. He turned the microwave off with about 17 minutes left. We had to get a new microwave. And just so you know, we don't usually let Andy cook.

This next story might be a "had to be there."
In family night Scott was asking everyone to think of something you would tell someone that is probably the most important thing to us. If there was only one thing we could tell someone that we might not see again, what would it be (or something to that effect). During this serious discourse, as soon as Scott said "might not see again" Andy says, (seriously--he is usually funniest when he is serious) "Goodbye."

September 24, 2009

A New Ward

The ward boundaries in our stake were changed. We are now in a different ward and go to a different building. One third to one half of our former ward, 7th, was taken and distributed into 3 different wards--1st, 2nd, or 3rd--but gained members from 2nd ward, including my parents and sister's family. We are now in 1st Ward.

1st ward was very excited for the change, especially that they received 4 young men between us and our next door neighbors. Apparently they were the smallest ward in the stake. Before school started I was a little concerned that Brennen was attending a middle school different than that of the other young men in our ward. Well the ward change put us with the deacons in his school. In fact the building we now go to is right across the street from his school.

I am okay with the change. I feel a little sad that I was only in the primary presidency as secretary for a short time, as I was barely getting to know the other ladies and the kids. But it will be only a short time I am sure before I get another calling.

September 18, 2009

Who Is This Kid Living in My House and Where Is My Son?

Today was a school holiday for the kids--Parent Teacher Conferences. My 15 year old was up before 8 o'clock this morning making him some breakfast. This is the kid who usually sleeps until noon if we let him on weekends and no-school days. He left with his friend to go bike riding. No, not video gaming, bike riding.

He is getting A+'s in most of his classes. The same kid we had to ground last year until he brought up his D's and F. Low grades because he always "forgot he had homework." He was too busy playing and hanging out with friends.

He loves seminary and reads his scriptures nightly. The other night he got on his younger brother for not wanting to go to mutual.

So I ask you, where did my Dustin go? I really love the "old" Dustin, but I am very much enjoying the "new", more mature Dustin.

I think this move has been good for him.