September 18, 2009

Who Is This Kid Living in My House and Where Is My Son?

Today was a school holiday for the kids--Parent Teacher Conferences. My 15 year old was up before 8 o'clock this morning making him some breakfast. This is the kid who usually sleeps until noon if we let him on weekends and no-school days. He left with his friend to go bike riding. No, not video gaming, bike riding.

He is getting A+'s in most of his classes. The same kid we had to ground last year until he brought up his D's and F. Low grades because he always "forgot he had homework." He was too busy playing and hanging out with friends.

He loves seminary and reads his scriptures nightly. The other night he got on his younger brother for not wanting to go to mutual.

So I ask you, where did my Dustin go? I really love the "old" Dustin, but I am very much enjoying the "new", more mature Dustin.

I think this move has been good for him.

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Krystal said...

That is so great! I am glad that the kids are benefiting from the move. Sounds like he's growing up....before you know it he will be all prepared for a mission!!