June 7, 2012

What? My Son is an Adult?

Meaning I must be getting old.  The mom of an adult?  Well, he may be able to vote and sign his own documents but he is still a teenager.  And still my responsibility.  and still living in my house.  For a few more months anyway.  Then D is on his way to Utah State University.  The place of his birth.  We moved off campus and out of student housing when he was just a few weeks old to Salt Lake City where Scott got his first full-time job.  (The first of many because he liked to job hop a bit. Not in a bad way, just saw different opportunites.  And now he owns his own business which is pretty cool and ambitious.  anyway...back to Dustin).

We had a small pre-graduation party for Dustin the night before the big day.  Only I forgot to take pictures.  I was busy you know doing all the stuff moms do when hosting parties.  And it was supposed to be outside at the park across the street with a volleyball net and other games but it was like so so windy and we had to do it inside which of course I didn't plan on until an hour before.  Next time I will delegate the photo taking.

But here is one photo of the star of the party and the awesome cake I made.  The award there if you can see it is the "Sousa Award" he earned for outstanding senior in band.

In case you can't see the cake very well (and the cool scorpion I made out of an airhead), then here is another pic of the cake.  I found the drummer on the cake at Hobby Lobby and it was 50% off!

The grandparents came down from Utah so that was very cool.  However, I neglected to get any pics of the graduate with either set of grandparents, or Dad.  ARG!  But I got one of him with me.

And to our surprise he was on the front page of the paper the day after graduation pictured in a group with other graduates celebrating the moment. 
and 5 days later he had a birthday...
(I think he is more excited than he looks)

We took the older boys river rafting in Durango for his big day and had a great time.  The younger kids went to Utah with Grandma and Grandpa after graduation so they were not around.

He was hired at Home Depot this summer and he is also keeping his job at the library.  I am impressed.  This is the boy at some time in his life who, after I told him we were going to do some work and it would take about an hour, complained: "A whole hour of work!?!?" like it was going to be torture.  However, I guess part of the reason he has two jobs is because he is very good at spending but hasn't quite learned the saving part so he needs to catch up on his college account which is a bit lacking.  good think he got some scholarships!

He is a good boy.  A typical absent-minded teenager but a great kid.    Even though he was our first and the "one we make mistakes and learn on" I think he is turning out just fine.  Come fall I will miss this boy, or I guess adult.