September 24, 2009

A New Ward

The ward boundaries in our stake were changed. We are now in a different ward and go to a different building. One third to one half of our former ward, 7th, was taken and distributed into 3 different wards--1st, 2nd, or 3rd--but gained members from 2nd ward, including my parents and sister's family. We are now in 1st Ward.

1st ward was very excited for the change, especially that they received 4 young men between us and our next door neighbors. Apparently they were the smallest ward in the stake. Before school started I was a little concerned that Brennen was attending a middle school different than that of the other young men in our ward. Well the ward change put us with the deacons in his school. In fact the building we now go to is right across the street from his school.

I am okay with the change. I feel a little sad that I was only in the primary presidency as secretary for a short time, as I was barely getting to know the other ladies and the kids. But it will be only a short time I am sure before I get another calling.

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Andrea Hardman said...

I forgot you were the Primary Secretary. That sounds like a scary calling ot me. I did it once at BYU. (you know, when we had 4 kids in primary and 27 in nursery) But for a ward with a large or even medium primary, that would be much harder.