September 26, 2009

Funny Funny Andy

I could write an entire blog about my seven-year old Andy. Things he does. Things he says. He keeps life interesting around here.

As we were driving home the other night as a family, the topic came up of what kind of car Dustin wants. Andy piped up and said Dustin wants a 'Vette. After a little conversation about 'Vettes Janessa asked what a 'vette is. So Andy explained:

"You know the people that are like doctors but take care of sick animals? And like an ambulance?"

Scott and I cracked up laughing as Dustin clarified that "vette" is short for Corvette. The picture that must have been in Andy's head of his brother driving around an animal ambulance is too funny.

Andy loves to eat. Sunday we had dinner at my Mom and Dad's with my brother and sister and their families. The kids were eating at the picnic table. Every once in a while a kid would come into the dining room table where we were eating and ask for some more of something--"more potatoes please", "more corn please", etc. Andy comes in with and empty plate holds it out and says "More." He just wanted more of everything and the way he said it so seriously had us all chuckling.

About a month ago he made himself a quesadilla--tortilla with melted cheese. He put it in the microwave, set it for 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds , turned it on and then forgot about it. I was gone. Scott smelled something burning. He turned the microwave off with about 17 minutes left. We had to get a new microwave. And just so you know, we don't usually let Andy cook.

This next story might be a "had to be there."
In family night Scott was asking everyone to think of something you would tell someone that is probably the most important thing to us. If there was only one thing we could tell someone that we might not see again, what would it be (or something to that effect). During this serious discourse, as soon as Scott said "might not see again" Andy says, (seriously--he is usually funniest when he is serious) "Goodbye."


tonya said...

Love to hear Andy-isms. Sorry I haven't been doing any email or blog or much of anything for several weeks because I have been sick. So sick of being sick. bah.

Berkleys said...

Hi! Those were pretty funny! I guess I haven't been around Andy enough to know how funny he can be. Kids take things pretty literal sometimes. Hope all is well with you guys. -kara

Krystal said...

That was so great to read! I have always enjoyed hearing about Andy. He is such a cute little guy! And the family night story....I cracked up! Definitely NOT one that you had to be there for! I pictured it perfectly!

Tori said...

He is hilarious. We miss you guys.