July 31, 2012

Simple Pleasures

"Mom, want to help me look for crickets?"

A question every mom wants to hear.  He asked me this after I was the best mom ever today.  Because I took my boy to the park which has a creek and small irrigation canal.  On the way home he said "This is the best day ever!"  Cuz with his friend he caught 3 toads (I called them frogs but was corrected), a giant spider, and 5 lizards.  But they let one lizard go so it would be even.  They each brought home a small lizard and a bigger lizard.  And his friend kept the giant spider, thank goodness.  He also told me I the best mom since I am letting him keep lizards.  I will have to remind him of that when he thinks I am the meanest mom.

The park was actually a pretty good time for me too.  I didn't have any other kids with me so I sat in the shade and read a book while Andy and his friend got wet and muddy and had a ball catching critters.  Haven't read much this summer at all.  It was nice quiet time.

Well, I don't even know where to find crickets for his lizards to eat.  And the best thing I could find as a habitat was a 5 gallon bucket which we put rocks and dirt in.  Hopefully the lizards won't get hungry too soon because I didn't help him look for crickets.

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