August 3, 2012

Bet you didn't know...

That you can buy freeze dried crickets at Walmart. (see previous post)
so now you know.  Even though Andy is boy #3 this is my first experience with lizards

Today we had a parade in town.  I had a doc appt at the same time as the parade and it was only a street and a half away from the parade.  So I drove by the doctor's office and showed A & J where it was, then took them to a parking lot to watch the parade and we agreed that if I got done before it was over, I would walk to them. Otherwise they were to walk to the doctor's office.  It was a cute sight when I was done with the doctor (which of course took way too long) and I saw two kids sitting on the steps surrounded by candy.  And guess what Andy caught while walking away from the parade--yep, another lizard.

Happy kids.  Amazing to think we only have two more weekends til summer is over and school starts.

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