February 11, 2012

Growing Boys

B has grown a lot the last 8 or 9 months.  And during that time he apparently hasn't worn his scout shirt much.  He had a board of Review last week and when I saw him in his uniform shirt I wanted to laugh.  (maybe I did).  It was way little.  But he didn't care.  He is advancing to Life (I think thats what its called--the last one before Eagle) and he has an Eagle project planned and plans to have it done this summer.

On the other hand, D has never done an Eagle project and probably never will.  He turns 18 in May.  There were two different projects he has had in the works but they both fell through.  The first one wasn't entirely his fault but the 2nd one he just decided he didn't want to do it.  He has an idea for another one but I don't know if it will happen.  The motivation and drive just isn't there and he only has 3 months to get it done, including meeting with the district board a few times which only meets once per month.  D will do fine in life I am sure but he just wasn't born with much drive, unlike his younger brother who sometimes has too much ambition.  Eagle project aside, I am proud to say that D spoke in Stake Conference last weekend!  He did great (and it is something I hope I never have to do).

We found out that B needs glasses.  I have been surprised that none of my kids have needed glasses since I have horrible eyes and most of my siblings wear glasses also.  Well, last week B came home and said that he took an eye test at school.  The school had already called and told us we need to get his eyes checked.  Well B said that he can see just fine but the machine was all messed up. It was all blurry he said.  It was the machine, not his eyes.  Yesterday he had a physical because he wants to play on the tennis team at school.  So guess what the doctor said?  He needs to see the eye doctor.  I made an eye appointment for next week.  Yet he insists he can see just fine.  I told him he doesn't know what he can't see!

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Andrea Hardman said...

Hi Melissa! I've missed you and am so happy to be back onto blogger and reading about what's going on with you.