October 13, 2012

Mom Powers

I don't know if it is just my kids, or if all kids think their moms have x-ray vision and radar ears.

Child #1 is playing on the computer and takes a bathroom break.  He calls me from the bathroom.  I go to the door and he tries to tell me something about the computer.  This is my child who doesn't speak very well--has what is called articulation issues.  I think I can understand him great until I get in the car with him or he is on the other side of the bathroom door.  Since it is not a "bathroom issue" I tell him to talk me when he is out of the bathroom.  When he gets out of the bathroom he is a little frustrated that I didn't do whatever it is he wanted me to do on the computer.

Child #2 is putting away the laundry.  Hooray!  I am in the kitchen cleaning up with the water on.  She is in the living room where the laundry is on the couch.  She tries to talk to me and I yell "I can't hear you the water is on.  Come in here."  I continue to hear her voice though I can't make out any words.  After I turn off the water she asks loudly "Are these Dad's?" Because of course I have I can see through the wall to the other room to see what she is referring too.

I guess I should be flattered that my kids think I have super powers and can see and hear them wherever they are in the house.  However, as of yet, I have not developed x-ray vision or radar ears.

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