May 28, 2009

An Unusual Phone Call from School

On Wednesday afternoon Andy called me from school.

"Mom?" Then there was sobbing. "I have something stuck in my ear."

When I got to school his teacher said she couldn't see anything but he said it hurt so she let him call me. He wouldn't let me touch his ear because it hurt so I couldn't really look, but he finally told me, after some coaxing, that he put a rock in his ear.  (Actually first he said "It could be a rock").

So we went to the doctor's office. After trying two different kinds of tweezers and two different size probes, the doctor finally decided to irrigate to see if the water would swish it out. He said if that didn't work then he would have to send us to an ear/nose/throat doctor. Luckily the water worked and out came the rock.

Andy kept the rock for a souvenior, or as Grandma Kathy said, a "souv-in-ear". As far as we know there are no other rocks in his head, though sometimes we wonder. (just kidding)

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tonya said...

That is story for keeping. And retelling. over and over. Thanks for the laugh!