May 27, 2009

Tips for the Toothfairy

You would think by the third child and a dozen or so lost teeth, I would be an expert Toothfairy. Yet here are a few more lessons I learned from my latest experience.

When your kid comes home from school very excited because he lost his tooth, make sure to get the tooth from him and put it in a safe place so that at bedtime you don't have to look for the tooth. You don't want your child to be distraught because he can't find his tooth to put under the pillow for the Toothfairy. And it makes bedtime much harder when you are searching for a tooth. (fyi we found it on the back porch).

It is probably a good idea to also put the tooth in an envelope or ziplock bag before the child puts it under his pillow. That way it will be easier for the Toothfairy to find. Not only that, but when the child wakes up at 4:00 a.m. and discovers that not only has the Toothfairy not come but his tooth is missing, it will be easier you to find when you are half asleep looking under and around beds for a teeny tiny tooth.

Yet an even better idea is to make sure the Toothfairy comes before 4:00 a.m. thus avoiding the need for an early morning tooth search.

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Ed Hochhalter said...

Haha, well, those do make the tooth fairy's life a whole lot easier. Anyway, one other good idea is for the tooth fairy to leave a note with the money... like perhaps a congratulations for the first lost tooth, or reminders to take care of their teeth, and go to the dentist regularly. It might make the experience more fun, you know?