May 6, 2009

I May Be Dusting Off My Whistle

So I found out that the high school I graduated from is looking for a head volleyball coach. And as I have been mentioning, I am moving back to my home town. My fourth child starts kindergarten this fall (all day), which leaves me with only one child at home. And he is a very easy going, happy, low maintenance type of child if you know what I mean. My husband works at home and is pretty much free by the time school is out. Can you see where this is leading?

I applied for the job. To be a varsity volleyball coach. The head coach. Me. I would be in charge. Of a high school program.

My husband was actually excited and encouraged me to. I was just mentioning the fact to him and he is telling me to go for it and that it would be great.

I don't know what to think really. I loved coaching. But that was years ago in college and when Dustin was a baby. I remember joking that I traded my gym bag for a diaper bag. I would take the play pen and he would play happily in during practice. But now I have been a mom dealing with diapers, ouchies, homework, piano lessons, cub scouts, orthodontist appointments and all the rest for the past 14+ years. I don't know anything about teenage girls anymore.

I want to coach. I have always wanted to coach again. I intend to win a state championship. In my next phase of life. I guess I just don't know if that phase is here yet. Can I handle a team and a family. And can my hubby handle the situation well too, and my kids? With the move I know there are many coaching opportunities because there are two high schools and four middle schools plus three surrounding towns with high schools and middle schools. (As opposed to the small town I now live in that has only one high school and does not have middle school sports). I had planned on going for a coaching position, but I was thinking like 7th or 8th grade girls and in a year or two.

Not that I need to worry about anything yet because all I did was apply. The opportunity presented itself and I acted on it. Who knows. I may be the next head volleyball coach of Farmington High School.


Krystal said...

Sounds like a great opportunity :) Hope everything goes as you desire. I think you'd do a great job!

Berkleys said...

Here is my first comment! This is easier than e-mail. I hope you get the job! Sounds like it would work out great for you. How is the house selling coming along? Are you still moving in June? That's right around the corner. May seems to fly by. I'm starting to get a little anxiety with the kids only having about 14 days of school left. Hope all is well.
Talk to you later. Kara

Holly said...

That would be awesome. That's so cool. Whatever happens is supposed to happen.

tonya said...

Hey, if it works out, then it was meant to be! Like the Muslims say, "God willing" (I can't spell it in Arabic).