May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

It is a few days past the fact, but here is a picture of my gifts and cards from my kids and hubby. There are flowers (to plant) that didn't get into the picture. (notice the Reeses and the bubble bath--my family knows me well!)

We celebrated with Scott's family at his parents' house on Sunday.

I told Scott and the kids I wanted a picnic in the canyon for my Mother's Day treat, so that's what we did on Monday night. I had a great time and really enjoyed my kids. The little ones found the water and mud (Andy was in it up to his knees) and the big boys played on rope swing there. I wanted pictures, but the battery was out in my camera.

I was later thinking that it's interesting how I thouroughly enjoyed my kids and being a mom while at the campground, but at home I get tired of the 'mom thing' (sometimes). I suppose I could use an attitude change, or try to make life at home more fun?

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Andrea Hardman said...

Yea. Isn't that weird? You'd never give up being a mom but sometimes you might like to trade it for thirty minutes at a time for a short nap. I think it's because being a good mom is really hard and you can't help being tired out sometimes but you always know that the hardest things come with the sweetest and deepest rewards. That's being a Mother, I think.