May 26, 2009

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Our upstairs TV quit working a few months ago. We turned it off one day and it never came back on. Of course we have a downstairs TV. It is in the downstairs family room. It’s funny though, that even though we still have access to TV, because it is not in our faces, we don’t watch it much. Before I was always having to tell the kids to turn off the TV, and now I find myself sending them downstairs to watch TV when they are getting too wild or loud (I can send them outside now, too). It is like they forgot that they can watch TV. Out of sight, out of mind. I no longer hear the annoying voices of Sponge Bob or Fairly Odd Parents, or the dialog of Dora or Wonder Pets, or listen to Drake and Josh antics. Nice.

We have a kitchen/dining room/family room combo upstairs. I love it. That is where the TV was until we took it away. The kids would just come home from school and turn on the TV. Just because it was there. Get a snack, turn on the TV. After breakfast, or before, Cameron always wanted the TV on. I had to make a rule that he had to be dressed and he had to wait until Andy went to school before the TV got turned on. Now he doesn’t even ask to watch TV. Which is nice because I can use TV as a babysitter when I need a few minutes (okay--an hour?) to myself and not feel too guilty about it because he doesn’t watch it that often.

I used to have the TV on while I was in the kitchen, doing something at the table, or even on the computer. Really for no reason. But now that I actually have to be just sitting and watching TV instead of multitasking—I rarely watch TV either.

I am actually thinking that maybe we don’t need programmed television at all. Just the occasional video or DVD.


emily and Nate said...

when we moved to AZ we never bothered to turn on the satelite or cable and we don't even miss it. In fact we are increasingly more sensitive to violence and sexual images because of it. I think it just becomes a habit like you said.

Tori said...

I dare you to. It works great for us.