August 11, 2009

Aren't You Just Supposed to Buy New Clothes and Some School Supplies?

The last week of summer vacation. Wow. And what a summer it has been. New house in a in a new state. And the kids are starting school 2 weeks earlier than they would have if we hadn't moved. They all seem excited though. Especially Janessa and Brennen.

We just got back from a week in Utah and Idaho, and hitting the shores of Bear Lake. Plenty of family time on both sides. Family relationships are wonderful, yet complicated. Had a great time but am happy to be home. And yes, it does feel like home. It was great to visit Brigham City again and see familiar faces.

Registering my kids for school has turned out to be a bit tricky. First of all, the secretaries and adminitration were gone during the month of July, so we couldn't register until August 3. But we went on vacation until the 9th.

Yesterday we tried unsucessfully to register Dustin but the school wants his transcripts from Box Elder first. When I called Box Elder High a few weeks ago, I was told that they cannot mail me transcripts. The school has to request them. I assumed we could register Dustin and then Farmington would request the transcripts. But, no, they have to get the transcipts before they will allow him to register. I was told that when I withdraw a student from school, I usually get an unofficial transcript. I never withdrew my kids from school. I attempted before we left to get school records. But the first person I talked to Dusitn's middle school told me that to register at a new school I just need birth certificates and immunization cards and the new school will send for records. She was wrong, darn it. Hopefully we will be able to register him by Wednesday.

Because I neglected to get Janessa into the doctor for her kindergarten check-up and immunizations before we moved, I tried to get an appointment here. But I couldn't find a doctor on our insurance to do it. The only office I could find that took our insurance said the pediatrician was on vacation until the 19th (school starts the 17). "Can't another doctor do it, like a family doctor?" I ask. No. Apparently family doctors in Farmington don't see children. Aren't children part of a family? whatever. So I finally called our clinic in Utah and she got her shots while on vacation.

The elementary school is being rebuilt/remodeled. My kids get a brand new school. But I can't register them until Wednesday because the teachers and administration are moving into the new buildings. And with the construction zone it was even hard for me to get that much information.

Brennen and I went to the middle school yesterday to register him. He is choosing to go to a school whose boundaries we are not in. We are about two blocks away from the boundary and all the other deacons in our ward go to that school. (And so did I!) We got a waiver and were assured that Tibbetts would love to have us, etc etc. We went and were denied. Because apparently that school is full. Which is fine. Then we drove over to the other school and were actually successful! Hooray! I have one student registered for school!

Cameron's special-ed preschool for speech is also working on getting his records so they don't have to do all the evaluations again. I am not worrying about this until after the others are taken care of. Some time next week I will call them again.

Whew! Who knew sending your kids could be such a chore!

On the bright side of things, you don't have to pay fees to register your kids for school like in Utah. Aside from some $10 class fees for art and science for example, that's all. No book fees, no sports fees, or whatever other fees we pay in Utah that add up to about $100 in August.


Berkleys said...

Wow! Sounds like you've been through the ringer! I actually wish my kids started sooner. They are getting so bored with summer activities. It's good you had a good trip to Bear Lake, and we enjoyed seeing you at Sugar House Park. Hope you can get the other kids registered! Take care. Kara

Niesha said...

Yikes! What an ordeal!!
I'll be registering my kids the week before school starts. Hopefully, it'll be easier than your experience :)

Andrea Hardman said...

Wow. That is quite the process. Amazing that you can get that done. Good luck. It was really fun seeing you for a little while.