June 26, 2009

That Old Camper

We have a wonderful new toy at our house. It is great because it means my house has been staying cleaner and the little kids are entertaining themselves and not fighting quite as much.

What is this miracle toy?

A very old tent camper trailer. It is amazing.

I set it up last weekend while I was home with Andy while the rest of the family went camping in a tent. I was trying to make it better for him since he didn't get to go because he was sick. (I think I get extra "mommy points" for that). Since then, it has been a great playhouse. We set up the small TV and VCR in there and if they aren't watching movies they are having dates or parties or whatever else they do. Yes, they are eating otterpops and other snacks in there and so the trailer is getting sticky. And the toys are starting to pile up in there, as well as blankets and pillows, but I don't care.

They are happy. They are safe. They are not bothering me. (not that my darling children are ever a bother. . . )


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