June 27, 2009

Two Weeks and Counting

Moving Day is in two weeks! July 11th. It is really happening. There are so many mixed emotions that come with this:
Overwhelmed (if that's an emotion).
Guilt--because I am the one that wanted to move so I got the ball rolling and now I am uprooting my 5 children and husband.

Mostly I feel excited. I am looking forward to being with my parents and sharing my children with them. Excited to be part of my siblings' day to day lives and their families. Excited to be going "home" again, though I know you really never can go home again. It has been 20 years since I left home. Wow.

But right now I feel overwhelmed. So much to do! It would be one thing if I could pack and get things ready to move if that is the only thing to do, but I still have to be a MOM too. That is where it gets tricky. Going to baseball games, getting kids to practice, guitar lessons, speech class, remembering to get summer reading done (kids--my reading would be heaven!), referring arguments, tending sick kids (two this past week), laundry, cooking, cleaning, getting kids to do their jobs, etc. etc.

Moving would be a lot easier if I could take time off from being a mom!

Lots to do, so what am I doing on the computer!!!

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Berkleys said...

We will miss seeing you guys when we come up to Brigham City, but we can't blame you for wanting to be closer to your side of the family for a change. We'll check your blog for updates and things going on. Happy packing and best wishes with the trip down to New Mexico!