June 13, 2009

Rainy Garage Sale

We had a garage sale. A true garage sale because it really was in our garage. It was raining off and on all morning. But the people kept coming. They started at 7:30 and came steadily until about 11:00 and a few more after that. I had no idea so many people would come.

My boys made some money. And the girls in the neighborhood who joined us made some money. I really did not make that much money, but did get rid of some toys and other misc stuff including a toilet seat. It was a pretty fun family project actually. I did have to send Andy to a friend's house (thanks so much Tori!) Friday afternoon while I was getting things ready because he was so 'wild'--too much activity and stuff I guess--and I had to steer Janessa away from talking customers' ear off, and Cameron cried when someone bought a book he liked (it was from the girls' stuff) but other than that it went okay. Dustin and Scott were around and mostly helped with 'kid' control (my kids).

The drama came Friday afternoon while I was preparing the garage for the sale. Our realtor called around 3:00 and wanted to show our house that evening at 6:30.

"I know you are having a yard sale and they understand. No big deal." she said.

"Yeah, but that means I have to get ready for the yard sale AND clean my house!" I protested. She assured me that they would understand. It would be fine.

Scott was gone. I was sort of panicked. I had been doing yard sale stuff a lot of the week and it's summer vacation so kids are home. That doesn't make for a tidy house. Don't get me wrong. I was VERY HAPPY that someone is wanting to look at our house. This is only the third showing in 3 months. Yet, the timing couldn't be worse. But my big boys helped and we ran around like maniacs. Scott came home and pitched in. And I somehow managed to feed everyone dinner too. When Scott and I left at 6:00 for volunteering at the Tabernacle (another story), then Dustin finished up the kitchen and sweeping. We pulled it off, garage sale and all. (We actually put a lot of stuff into the garage that wasn't going to be in the sale!) And since the house was still clean in the morning, except maybe some unmade beds, we showed it to an interested party during the garage sale too! Two showings in two days!

Did I mention I am tired?


Krystal said...

I loved this post! I could picture it so well! I am very impressed that you pulled it all off too and I am so happy about the showings! Great job and GOOD LUCK!!

Berkleys said...

Wow! You had a busy weekend. We are looking forward to seeing Scott and the kids this weekend. I wish you were coming though. :)
Take care.

Tori said...

I am glad I could help.