October 31, 2009

Halloween Cuisine

We had some witches fingers, ghosts, mummies, monster lips, and spiders for dinner last night. Thank you Family Fun magazine for your great ideas! And not pictured are witches hands made from chicken breasts that you cut the top part into 5 fingers which kind of crinkle up as it cooks. That idea came from my friend Niesha many years ago.

Monster mouths with apple wedges with almond slivers; string Cheese fingers with green peppers as fingernails; boiled egg ghosts; crackers, peanut butter, pretzels and raisin spiders; hot dogs wrapped in breadstick mummies; mac and cheese with plastic spiders. Delicious!

Scott did the witch fingers and I think he had way too much fun! He even dipped them in green colored water for more effect (his own idea). He also did the monster lips. Janessa did most of the ghosts. Brennen made the spider crackers. There are so many fun ideas for Halloween! I tried to stick mostly to "healthier" stuff since the sugar is sure to come, but we did frost Halloween cookies after dinner. We listened to Halloween music and played a few games. Party on!


Krystal said...

So fun! Happy Halloween - We'll be missing you all tonight :(

Andrea Hardman said...

Those ideas are so fun! I love that magazine and your dinner turned out great. I'm going to try some of that stuff next year. Assuming we're not moving again at that time. grrrr. :) We seem to be making a habit of it.