October 28, 2009

It Looks Like I Am Back in Utah

We woke up to snow today. The kids were way excited. In fact Andy was dressed and ready before we had time to tell him to.

My kids don't know enough yet that when it snows here, you turn on the radio to see if there is a school delay--starting school two hours later due to road conditions so the buses can drive safely. Because there isn't lots of snow here usually. When I was growing up we probably had two or three snow delay days year. And I remember school being cancelled for a snow day maybe 5 times while I was in school. Those were fun days.
Anyway, no snow delay today but it continues to fall steadily. Maybe they will get an early release. (But personally, I hope not!)

The school year is already 1/4 of the way over! Wow. My kids get report cards this week. Last Friday I was invited to an end of term assembly at the elementary school and both of my little students received awards. Janessa receive a "Golden Pen Award" where on student from each class is chosen for authoring outstanding and creative stories, and Andy received a special recognition from his teacher for working hard to improve his handwriting. Very cool. I have to say I am a proud parent.

Andy wasn't very impressed with his award later when he learned that there was no tangible value to it. He came home and said "I don't get anything. It is just a piece of paper. Not even a coupon or anything!"


Andrea Hardman said...

Aww, poor Andy. Erika did that too when she entered a contest for a short story and she only got an "official author" certificate. She thought she might get a laptop, at least. Oh well.

Krystal said...

Oh Andy....so cute! Good job kids - I'd be a proud mama too!

Funny snow "delay" stories. Where I grew up, snow was never a problem but we would listen to the radio everyday to see if it was cancelled due to temperatures. 20 below zero were our "out days"!