October 5, 2009


Last night Cam wanted ice cream. I said no because he didn't eat any dinner, well unless you count the jello. So I warmed up some mashed potatoes and gave them to him and said he can have ice cream after he eats his potatoes.

The other kids were done with their ice cream and I was in Janessa's room reading her a book and Scott was reading to Andy. Cameron came to me and said something about ice cream. I said "Oh. You ate your potatoes and now you are ready for ice cream?" He told me no, he didn't eat potatoes. I got to the kitchen and he proudly showed me his empty ice cream bowl, which was next to the ice cream carton on the table.

Since Mom or Dad didn't get him ice cream, he did it himself. Who wants to eat pototoes when you can have Cookies 'n Cream ice cream?

He's too little to be big.

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Andrea Hardman said...

Oh dear! You have a smart little guy on your hands and it looks like lots of fun messes in the future. But as long as they come with stories like this one, it will all be worth it!