December 12, 2009

Our First Christmas Tree Cutting

I grew up with fresh cut Christmas trees.  I have great memories of Christmas tree cutting trips.  When I was younger we would go to our friends' house who lived on a farm about an hour away, and then our two families would go together.  Half the fun was just being at the farm!  The animals, the barn,sometimes a frozen pond. I can also remember going with my Grandma and Grandpa a few times, and as a teenager going with just my dad and sisters.

This year I wanted my kids to have that experience so last Saturday we bundled up, took some hot chocolate, and headed out even though the temperature outside was ice cold.  And no, it wasn't like the movies where there is a snowy forest.  It was cold, but no snow and not really a forest.  But there was lots of sagebrush.

In the car on the way, I prepared the kids that we might not find the perfect tree, but told them "with light and decorations and love it will be great."  Scott and the boys found a big tree.  I thought it was too big.  But Scott cut it down anyway and lugged it to the car.  And we tied it on top.

I still thought it was too big.  In fact I was even complaining a little and then Dustin said  "With lights and love it will be fine." 

We got it home and in the house:

I told you it was too big!

With a little off the bottom and the top, some lights and love, it is beautiful!  Our very first cut Christmas Tree!

But after the fun of decorating, it was time for bed.

A post note:  It may have been fun for the kids, but I think the one who enoyed it the most and is most proud is the biggest boy--my hubby!


MomBabe said...

How fun!

Krystal said...

Love the last picture!! So sweet....and sad!

Fun tree hunting experience too ;)

Scott said...

It really IS the very bestest tree I have ever seen! Glad you come up with all these cool ideas!