November 21, 2009

My Princess Turns 6!

It is hard to believe it has been six years since we welcomed a girl into our family. And it hasn't been quiet seems like Janessa was born talking...(I guess that isn't very nice. After all, she takes after her mom!)

What is daunting is to think that I had a one-year old when she was born, (and a 6- and a 9-year old).
She had an ocean cake (her first thought was a princess cake of course but since we've done that a time or three, she thought of something else)
and a craft party (thus the glue and other misc. stuff on the table in the first photo).
I wanted to post some baby photos but maybe later. I'm having a hard time 'upzipping' the folder they are in and I didn't dig any out of the 'real' (as opposed to digital) box that contains photos that is somewhere in this house. (because she has yet to have a photo album, poor girl!)


tonya said...

happy birthday, janessa! I miss you a lot, Melissa. your letters helped a lot, but they are no substitute for you. of course, it's probably for the best for you because i'd be calling you to come over too much. :)

Melissa said...

And I would be there, bugging you way too much!