November 24, 2009

So Much To Write About . . .

Sadly I have been ignoring my blog. I have so so many blog entries in my head.

here are a few quick ones:

My 12 year old entrepreneur is at it again. He cut out some squares, sewed them together into a cube and filled it with sand--a hacky sack. (This from the top of his head, no pattern or directions--he just did it cuz he was bored one day, and I was sewing). He is selling them for $1 a school. The finished seam (the one he had to sew last after he put the sand in) isn't the prettiest, but then I don't think 7th grade boys care about pretty seams. Other things he has sold over the years include pony bead keychains and duct tape wallets. There are more but I can't think of them.

It took a few years longer than we anticipated but Andy finally broke his first window. Luckily it was in our house and not the neighbors. He threw a book at it. He "didn't know it would break." My mom is starting to get used to having Andy around. The other day when we were at her house she was on her way out. Before she left she told us "Andy is in the kitchen trying to help clean up. Go in there and supervise before he breaks something." (at that moment he was banging the salt and pepper shakers together).

Cameron is running around in a Batman cape almost 24/7. He runs around saying "Baht-mahn to a wes-kuu!!" (that would be "Batman to the rescue").

Why do teenagers need hormones so early in life? Marriage doesn't come for many more years! And as a teenager, I was just weird because I didn't 'like' boys in that way. I had lots of guy friends in high school and college. It was fun, but we were friends. I know some of them liked me in 'another way', but I just didn't fall 'in love'. I really didn't fit in with the crowd, the boys crazy girls, because my hormones were so slow. So, I am at a loss as how to deal with my girl-crazy teenager. And I know that kids are counseled not to date until age 16, and then in groups. I am not letting him date. Nonetheless, Dustin has a girl-friend and he is only 15 and she is only 14. Uhhgg! At least marching band is over so they aren't spending early morning practice and football games together. I keep telling him he needs to find some friends that are boys! It really annoys me that his facebook page says "In a relationship with Sarah!" And of course there are the occasional comments on his or her page "you guys are so cute together". Gag!! So do I have power to make him take that 'relationship' thing off his facebook page?

One last food for thought: How come kids are bored and need you when you want to read a book, watch TV, take a nap, etc, but have plenty to do when it is time for them to get ready for school or dressed for church?!?


Becki said...

Hey Melissa, i have a few quiet moments before the family gets up and we have to start cleaning in prep for tomorrow. your family sounds so cute and fun. i can't believe how fast they grow and change. i'm impressed with the 12 year olds initiative and creativity - wow. about teenagers... just beginning to deal with the boy stuff, not sure what to expect, but the girls were ... interesting :) my second daughter wanted a boyfriend and it really stressed us. it started at 15 too but they'd known each other since 6th grade - it was a band relationship too. it must be all that puckering up to play an instrument that makes them wonder what else they can do with their lips. anyway, over the course of two years and many talks and using the strength of youth [its easy to argue with parents, the prophet and the Lord, not so much] they are back to being friends. it doesn't usually work that way and it isn't the best friendship but they both make the effort. Parenting is tough stuff. i never had any idea how active i would have to be. i thought i'd supervise or coach or something but family life is a get in and keep your head in the game experience. keep communication open, be more positive than negative, and invite them to be at your house so you can see what they're doing. if you try to be the girls friend it might creap D out so much that he breaks it off :) Happy Thanksgiving

tonya said...

I miss you !!!!! You tell life just like it is and I see my own life in it and I can laugh. Hayden would love to hear from Brennen. Is he texting the wrong phone#?