July 6, 2009

Pack up the Laundry Soap

I am done doing laundry. I mean in this house. Whatever is dirty today, stays dirty until maybe next week. Because I have other things to do! Maybe some people would not be okay taking dirty laundry to their new home, but it's fine with me. I guess this means Cameron is wearing pull-ups for the next few days . . . (he is not quite accident free yet. I mean to get on that after we move. He does pretty good, but . . .).

It shouldn't have been so bad because I kept up really well last week. Then on Saturday afternoon Brennen and Scott came home from scout camp. So there was a week's worth of really dirty laundry to get done--for two people, including jackets.

I just thought about the bedding. . .Well, hopefully I can find a box with clean sheets in it after we get there.

1 comment:

tonya said...

Thanks for the socks for Emily. It was so thoughtful of you---especially when you have a billion other things going on! Miss you already!