March 3, 2009

Where Did My Baby Go?

He can’t talk, but he can use the toilet. Hooray! Cameron is a BIG boy! I am almost through with diapers forever! (I guess I am afraid to say that I am through—this has been too easy!) When he has to go, he just goes into the bathroom and goes. Then he comes and gets me to show me. But lately, he hasn’t shown me, I just see it in his little potty. However, there is a catch. He has to be bare-bummed. So for the past week he has been running around the house mooning us. I do put long shirts on him so he’s covered a little. When he has underwear or pull-ups on, he forgets to use the potty. We will be working on that this week, as I realize he does have to wear pants in public.

About his speech. He is talking more and more. Even putting words together and all. We just can’t understand him. I can only understand if I know what he is talking about. He says “thank you” but you would never know that’s what he said if you hadn’t just helped him or given him something. And we understand all our names, but besides Mama and Dada, Janessa’s is the only one that is close—“Sessa.” Dustin is “Ga-ga.” ?? Brennen’s “Bubbu” at least had a B sound in it. Andy is just “Ah-h”. Though it is frustrating for now, I know it will all come in good time.

Oh, if you are wondering, he knows the sign for potty and does say “pa-pa” (not sure if that is potty or pee-pee) so hopefully the communication there will be okay. Or he just pulls me to the bathroom. (That is his main mode of communicating—pulling me).

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Krystal said...

YAY! Way to go little guy! I think the bare bottom potty training is so darn cute! Glad you had success and I am so excited for his improvement in speech! Sounds so cute ;)