March 18, 2009

Green Feet

St. Patrick's day held fun surprises for Andy after all. He came home from school so excited to tell me that his teacher had green feet! She drank green leprachun juice and it turned her feet green. But only if grown-ups drink it. Kids can drink it and nothing will happen. Apparently all the first grade teachers had green feet after drinking the juice with the kids! So a warning to all parents and grown-ups: DON'T DRINK THE GREEN JUICE OR YOU WILL HAVE GREEN FEET.


Krystal said...

So many cute St. Patricks Day!

tonya said...

make sure Andy knows I appreciate the warning! :)

JB said...

Hey Melissa, I saw your news about moving to Farm, it will be nice to be closer to your family. Mom and Mike were here last weekend looking at houses, they want to be close to family too. I like reading your blog, it's a fun and convenient way to keep in touch with each other.