March 17, 2009

Green Pancakes and Cleaning

I tried to be a fun mom this morning but it didn't work out too well. I made green pancakes for St. Patricks Day. It was actually my 11 year old's idea. However, I forgot that my 7 year old has a hard time with change, as do many children with ADHD. He would not eat them even though I tried to convince him that I just put food coloring in them, just like on his birthday cake when I made green frosting. He would have none of it, convinced that they would taste bad. During all this I remembered that last year the same thing happened--I made green pancakes and Andy had a fit. (I will make a mental note of this and try really hard to remember NOT to make green pancakes next St. Patrick's Day). His dad made him eggs--but not green ones with ham.

The funny thing is that this kid usually eats anything! He loves his vegatables and anything else we give him--except cold cereal. He eats and eats like you wouldn't believe. You couldn't tell by looking at his skinny body, because he burns it well with all the energy he uses.

On another topic, Spring Cleaning is in full swing at our house. I am starting to get overwhelmed with all that needs to get cleaned so our house looks tip-top for perspective buyers. We have thrown lots of away and make several donation trips to the thrift store. When did we get all this stuff? I have cleaned closets, scrubbed walls, boxed up toys and clothes and junk, and am takling the bathrooms. I don't think the house has been cleaned like this since we moved in. Of course after we moved in we added three children to our family. At this point I am thinking, if someone doesn't want to buy my house without it sparkling, than tough!

My daughter is bugging me to exercise. She likes to exercise with me so I better get going. What good movitation she is! (Then we are going to eat chocolate muffins for our snack).

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