March 16, 2009

Hard News

A friend of mine found out a few weeks ago that she has breast cancer. We're not close friends, but she is in my church ward. We used to work in the nursery together and got to know and love each other. But since then, and after our boys got out of cub scouts our paths really don't cross that much. We still talk, and say hello in passing.

I can't imagine what she is thinking, what goes through her mind everyday. It's not happening to me, yet the news is hard for me to take. I want to cry for her. I suppose I have never known personally anyone who had cancer or a serious illness. (okay, I take that back. As I write this I realize that my sister has had Lupus since she was 9 years old).

The news was a shock for her as she found out after her yearly mammogram. I know that the last week or two have been spent waiting and wondering--waiting for tests and results and doctor appointments. Her surgery is schedule for next week.

I know through experience that hard times bring you closer to your family and to the Lord, so I do know that she will have plenty of support on her side and she won't be alone in her battle. I think of her often and wish I knew what I could say to her, or do for her. Yet I know the kind of person she is and do not doubt that she will find the strength and courage and faith inside herself to get through this challenge.

Sherrie, I'm praying for you and want to thank you for the example you are to me. May the Lord carry you if the journey gets difficult.

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