March 9, 2009

New Mexico, Here We Come!

We are moving. Not just to a new house or a new neighborhood, but to a new state. We are going foreign--to NEW MEXICO! kidding--I know that New Mexico is one of the 50. It amazes me however that some people don't seem to understand that. I have had comments like "You sure speak really good English", "I couldn't tell by looking at you that you are from New Mexico" and "Do you eat chips and salsa at every meal?" when people find out I grew up in New Mexico.

Anyway, I am taking my hubby and my kids to the Land of Enchantment so I can live by my family. Which means taking them away from Scott's family. Which I feel bad about. But it's not like we are leaving them to go to no family at all. We've been married almost 17 years now livining Utah, so I convinced my husband it's time to move to the other family. And honestly, I think it's meant to be. (stay with me, this might be a long story...)

I started thinking seriously about moving a few years ago after my parents got back from their mission. Cameron is my last baby, after all, and I want to share my kids with my parents. When I first brought up the idea, Scott was reluctant because he didn't want to leave his job. However, he has always wanted his own business and is constantly checking out opportunities. After years of looking, it just so happens that he found one! And he can do it at home anywhere where there is internet connections! So guess what I said after we got the business up and going? Time to move to NM.

The next thing that seemed to fall into place was a search for a house. We need at least 5 bedrooms, or 4 bedrooms and an office. And it can't be too pricey because as it is, it may be hard to get a loan while self-employed. It isn't too easy finding a house that big in our price range. But my brother, who lives in the town we are moving too, was remarried last spring. It just so happens that his wife has a five bedroom house that she would like to sell. They had been renting it but now the renters left. It needs some work, but the price is right, it is in a nice neighborhood, and only about 5 minutes from my parents!

This weekend we are making a quick trip down to see the house again as our new house and see what needs to be done before we move in. Then the two little kids and I are staying a few more days and coming back with my parents the middle of next week. Maybe my sister and I can find time to slap some paint on the walls while I am there!

We are planning to move after school is out. Our house will go up for sale in a week or two.

It's really happening . . .

and a side note: Scott's parents are leaving on a mission this fall so the timing of the move is good for everyone!

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Krystal said...

This news still makes me SAD!! I am, however, happy for YOU. I know this is something that you want and will enjoy....and how fun to go on such a new adventure! Good luck!