March 5, 2009

How Not to go Grocery Shopping

Invite someone over for lunch on the morning you are planning to grocery shop. You know you will have plenty of time. However, before you know it is 10:30. Gotta go. Dress Cameron all the way and have him go potty first. Find out the toilet is plugged up. That's okay. Tell Scott to take care of that. Get ready to leave and remember that you haven't cut your coupons yet. Search for the coupons on your list. Is it really worth it, cutting out these 50 cent things? Finally get the kids buckled in the car while realizing they still have grape juice on their face from last night and Janessa's hair didn't get combed. Luckily there is wet wipes in the car. Hand them one as you are driving out of the driveway. Of couse Janessa refuses to wash her face because she doesn't want to wipe off her lip gloss.
Stop at the bank to get something notorized and mailed because your husband is moving his 401K somewhere else and asked you to. Wait while the person you need is on the phone. Cameron acts like he wants to go potty. He is babbling something and pointing to his pants. Find the bathrooms locked. Oh well. Hopefully he won't wet his pants. He just went 1/2 hour ago after all. Finally leave the bank. Get almost to the grocery store and remember you didn't stop by your ward member's house to get the prepaid grocery cards you are using to support the scout fund-raiser. Go back and pick up cards. Get to the store realizing you didn't bring your new insurance card to get your prescription refill. Cameron wants the car shopping cart. It is stuck behind other carts and so put Cameron in another cart under protest. He starts screaming and trying to climb out as you push your way to the back of the store. Janessa is pointing out that Cameron might fall and is getting very worried and continues to talk loudly over Cameron. Cameron continues to scream. Leave the store with the 3 items you need most plus a bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Vow to go shopping this afternoon by yourself during Brennen's guitar lesson.


tonya said...

oh yes. But at least you got those three things. I never get that far when things go like that. I just make my kids have peanut butter on a frozen waffle if we are out of bread. Classy, eh?

Scott said...

At least you got the Reeses!

Krystal said...

I am loving this!! My life to a "T". Hope you had success this afternoon :)
Oh, I also enjoyed visualizing your "notes to self". I was laughing my way through it. Motherhood is so comical when you aren't in the moment!

JB said...

Hey Melissa. I hope you don't mind me reading your blog, I saw the link on Emily's. You crack me up, you're a good writer.