March 23, 2009


Tonight for family night treats I made donuts from biscuits. You know, the canned biscuits you put a hole in and fry in hot oil and then cover in cinnamon. Apparently I haven't made those in ages. My family was very impressed. In fact Brennen asked me where I got the idea. "On the internet?" He asked. Sheesh. This is a treat I grew up with, and have a very fun memory making them with my grandpa on a rainy day.

Speaking of Brennen, he is growing up. I realize that all my kids are growing and they can't stay small forever, but it is funny how it sneaks up on you sometimes. He is 11, soon to be 12. It won't be long until he grows taller, catching up with his ever growing feet and lanky arms and legs. A new trimester of school started a few weeks ago. (I don't understand why we don't have semesters like the rest of the country...) So he is in 6th grade PE this trimester. He came home and told me all the things he needs for PE, besides his uniform. Towel, soap, deodorant. Deodorant? He's too little. You would think this changing into an adolescent thing wouldn't bother so much since I have already been through it before. I have gotten used to Dustin's deep voice and that fact that he is taller than me, and has "man" muscles that are useful to me when unloading 25 lb bags of sugar from the car. But I am not ready for that to happen to Brennen.
But it will. Soon.


Krystal said...

How sad! I am struggling with a 3 year old growing....I can't imagine watching my baby boy turn into a young man!! It really does go faster than we hope - doesn't it.

mom of boys said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's always nice to know I'm not alone.

tonya said...

yep, you stole the words right out of my mouth. It's hard to take!