March 5, 2009

Notes to Myself

--Don't let Janessa wake up before 6:30.
That is too much time before Andy and the other boys go to school for her to not get most of my attention.

--Don't talk out loud to myself when preparing my shopping list.
I commented about a "pint" of ice cream (from the ad) saying that isn't very much ice cream. Of course she heard me and asked what is a pint. I gave a short answer like "a little jar". Then she proceeded to ask me if it was "this much?" showing me her fingers width apart. As I wasn't really paying attention to her, she got upset and kept asking me. Finally I told her that a little jar under the sink is a pint (I keep my empty bottles under there until it's too full and then take then down to the store room). She came back to me with a small jam jar. "This?" "No. A bigger small one." "Well you said the smallest one." I know but I didn't know there were little ones like that under there." etc. etc. She was eventually satisfied and now she is educated on how much a pint is. I even got a quart jar out and explained that if she filled up the pint two times and dumped it into the bigger jar, it would fill it up.

--Don't ask Janessa to wake up Andy.
Janessa ran down to tell Andy is was time to get up. A few seconds later I hear yelling and arguing. She is doing most of the yelling. I call her back upstairs and explain she doesn't have to argue with him, just tell him it's time to wake up. She mad because he is not getting out of bed and coming upstairs. I tell her it isn't her job to get him upstairs, just to tell him. Whatever . . .

--A half and a half don't necessarily make a whole.
I gave Andy half a peanut butter sandwich this morning for breakfast to go with his chocolate Slimfast protein shake. He wanted a whole one. "I can eat a whole you know." I tell him I will make him another one when he is almost done with that one--I'm not sure if today is a big breakfast day for him or not. You know, you don't want to waste that piece of bread. He tells me when he needs another sandwich--a WHOLE one. I remind him that he already had half so I will make him another half, and that will make a whole. Not good enough. He said that I said he could have a whole sandwich after he ate that one. Fine. He ate one and a half peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast and drank some of his chocolate milk/shake. (if you are wondering, he doesn't like cold cereal and PB&J is a quick breakfast on those days when I don't make hot breakfasts).

--Don't try to understand Janessa's logic when finding her a website to play on.
"Just because I say the coloring one doesn't mean I want to color."

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tonya said...

ha ha. Hope you had a good afternoon!