February 28, 2009

Piece of Cake

I like to make and decorate cakes for my kid's birthdays. And I have done a few for other family members. What I can think of off the top of my head: I have made a carosel (with animal cookies), bowling pin, backyard with a swingset and sandbox (crushed graham crackers for sand), Power Ranger, Pokemon, panda bear, butterfly, race track, chess board, watermelon. I have a few here on digital film that I want to share.
Andy spent his birthday at Dinosaur Park this year and wanted a dinosaur cake.

My mother-in-law loves sunflowers. This is made with starbursts that were rolled out and cut up. And gummy bears around the edges.

This was for Janess's 5th birthday.
And this princess castle was when my little princess turned 3. (Wasn't she so cute! she still is. this pic was before her hair turned curly)

Cameron's #2 Birthday


I get my ideas online, mostly family fun magazine. I have fun with it. One of these years I would like to take a class to learn how to use the decorating tips and all that.


tonya said...

you could probably skip level one and go right to level 3! Those are some fine looking cakes!

Holly said...

I love your cakes. I bet Andy went crazy over his dino one. Awesome. You'll have to help me when you move here. I'm so excited. Aren't you here yet?