February 2, 2009

Sleep--Never Enough

Sometimes I wish I didn't need to sleep. Like the vampires in Twilight. How would that be? I would never be too tired. The kids wouldn't wake me up at night from my warm bed because I wouldn't have to be there, which means my husband wouldn't be awakened by them either. And because I wouldn't need a good nights' rest to re energize, I would be happy and energetic and have tons of patience. And think of all the things I could do at night while everyone else is sleeping! I could read, watch movies uninterrupted, sew, cross stitch, scrapbook, even fold laundry if I so desired, write, play video games, read some more, bake cookies without little helpers (if I am quiet).

But mostly, I would enjoy just not being a tired mom.

They tell me one day my kids' won't wake up at night. But they also say by then I will be waiting up late for them to get home.

Generally, Cameron and Janessa sleep through the night and Andy is only up a few times a week. But this last week, it seems like they have all wanted to get up during the wee morning hours.

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