January 29, 2009

ADHD and Chocolate

I am craving sweets! But I have only one egg because I made french toast this morning and I am out of margarine and butter too. So I can't bake anything and I can't find anything else sweet to eat. I don't even have chocolate chips to eat out of the bag. I think we have some kind of candy or something left over from Christmas, but if it's still around it's probably because I dont' like it!

I am a bit grouchy this evening. Blame it on my headache. I guess I should really do something about these headaches. Because of the "down time" from this headache this week, I am behind on my housework. Especially laundry. But I know that it really doesn't matter. I have done everything else I was suppose to do like school volunteering, visiting teaching, speech class, running kids to music lessons and basketball practice, reading and playing with my kids. And I even got the W-2's printed and mailed out for Scott. So I really need to not worry about the state of the house. People are fed and clean and happy, and that's all that matters.

I am feeling a little silly complaining being less than a week removed from a vacation where I had no responsibilites. However, I am having a hard time with my middle child. Andy is challenged with ADHD. I just wish I could get inside his mind so that I could better understand him. Actually, I don't think it hampers him to much--it's the rest of us (who live with him) that struggle with it. He is such a happy kid and loves life and people. This week however has been very hard for him because I left him last week. For some reason his little mind had a hard time with this. He has been clingy and can't 'handle' normal everyday things and has been whiny. And wants me to do everything for him and then has a meltdown when I won't, for example, put his shoes on for him. Tuesday night he and Scott traded beds and Andy slept with me in my bed. That seemed to help and yesterday and today have been better. A lot of times it is the little things about ADHD that bother me--like how he doesn't care one bit about modesty. He is all too happy running around the house naked after his baths, even though everyone in the house is telling at him to get some pants on. (Tonight was bath night, by the way). And when I say running, I mean running. He just doesn't walk. I guess that's all for now.

And by the way, during my interruptions writing this (because of course kids can't leave me alone when they see me on the computer) I found 4 Hershey Kisses hiding away in the pantry! Cameron and Janessa each got one, and I got two.

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