January 23, 2009

Sea Shells

I am amazed by how many and how many different kinds of sea shells there are on Lido beach. Now I haven't been to very many beaches in my life, but the ones I have been to I don't remember seeing all that many shells. They are everywhere. And just down the beach in front of our resort is a group of big rocks jutting out into the water from the beach. (Very fun to walk on and watch the waves). Anyway, on the other side of the rocks, there is a huge pile of shells. The water washes up on the north side of those rocks and then deposits the shells there on the beach. (I took a picture so I will have to post it soon.). You are walking along and the sand just sort of turns into a pile of shells. This afternoon Scott and I dug through them looking for "cool" ones. Other days we have collected shells on our walks. There are big shells, little shells, tiny shells, broken shells, perfect shells, white shells, colored shells, smooth shells, spiky shells, shells stuck to shells (are you tired of the word 'shells' yet?). Shell hunting has been a very fun and unanticipated activity on this vacation. When we were out being tourists today I even found a post card that labeled the different kinds of shells. So I bought it. I am looking forward to showing all the shells to the kids.

On another subject, I have to admit I am missing my kids! It has been a wonderful needed rest for me. I will enjoy seeing them tomorrow night and getting and giving hugs! And seeing their beautiful smiles. (one of these days I am going to get all their pictures up on this blog).

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