January 7, 2009

Too Many Questions

My daughter has a hearing problem. She likes to her herself talk. Not a problem for her, but for the rest of us. Our conversations go something like this:

"Please pick up your shoes."
"What shoes?"
"Your shoes that are in the middle of the floor."
"My white ones?"
"You mean the white ones with the new shoe laces in them?"
"They aren't in the middle of the floor. They are by the couch."


"Are we going to go to Grandma's today?"
"Yes, we are."
"I mean are we going to her house?"
"Yes, we are going to Grandma's house."
"I mean are we going to go to her house today?"
"When are we going?"
"After lunch."
"I mean is it in a little bit of time or a long time?"

Nothing is ever simple with her!

1 comment:

tonya said...

Wow. Wow. You are funny. So is your talkative daughter. ha!